Don't Panic!

The San Diego Gypsy Art Crew presents Don't Panic Camp at Black Rock City in 2010. A tribute to life, the universe and everything (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). We are the place for silly random humor with a dash of intellect on the playa.


Our camp will visually represent Metropolis with quarky billboards, road signs and a lighted garden. We will even feature a bus stop for passer-byers to catch the #42 line (if it ever arrives).


Date: Tuesday, Aug 31st

Time: 7-9:30pm
Location: Hair of the Dog Camp (8:00 & E)

Dubbed the weirdest comedy show ever, and you get to be a part of it! Bring your bad poems, stand-up comedy or improv routine to read/perform aloud. What ever makes you laugh. We are also putting together an improv group (email to join: Event will be emceed by DPC’s very own comedian, Jeff Foster. See you there!

Date: Wednesday & Sunday
Time: 12pm Noon
Location: Don’t Panic Camp (6:00 near F)
What: Bring something to sit on

Come be part of enjoyable philosophical discussions in Black Rock City. Socrates Cafe is a global movement that operates different than a traditional philosophy meeting in that it uses questioning to reveal hidden assumptions and allows further in-depth exploration of a topic. Each topic is chosen by the group at the start of the meeting.