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Hear from Participants

Hear from recent graduates of the SCILS training programs  - Boston University's BioScience Academy, Quincy College's MLT Program, and the MA Life Sciences Center Internship Program.

Christine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZJSo6fI60E

Christine attended Quincy College’s MLT program and now works at a major hospital in Boston.

Haider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHMsoZyaeaQ

Haider graduated from BU’s BioScience Academy and now works at Boston area biotech company.

JoAn and Lydia:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z08Bwn2cE0

JoAn was an Mass Life Sciences Center intern with biotech startup and now works for Lydia at the same company.

More Testimonials

"I have always been drawn to science and technology, but biotechnology is totally new to me. I like that it is such a noble science – it helps so many people and is so important in today’s society. In addition to learning new technologies and their applications at Boston University’s BioScience Academy, I’m learning about the many opportunities within biotech. The staff at the program has helped me to identify which aspects of the field I find appealing and to position my resume so that I can pursue the type of internship (and eventual job placement) that will suit me. I’d like to support a top-notch research team. Receiving a certificate from a high-quality program like the Boston University School of Medicine will be a real asset when I start the job search. Being a part of this program has been an amazing gift. I am taking advantage of every moment." - Mark, student at BU's Bio Science Academy. 
"Biotech companies develop tools and drugs that address our many health challenges. I want to be part of the solution. I learned about the MA Life Sciences Center internship program through my school, UMass Boston. At the time, I was a full time computer science student, working part time as IT support on campus. I wanted to get hands-on industrial experience in software engineering. Shortly after completing my MLSC application, I was contacted by a few employers and I had several interviews.  However, I was interested in a company that was developing a clinical infusion pump. The manager of software division was a good person and he offered me a summer internship that suited my schedule, except that I had to wake up at 6am and drive 30 miles! The company was great. The engineers were very supportive and accommodating. I worked with both mechanical and electrical engineers on product development. Because I was so ready to learn new 
things, I was given challenges that really expanded my horizons. I was assigned tasks such as finding reasons why a certain device part was not working properly, optimizing software code written by others, and implementing design specifics. Because of this experience, I learned a lot about working on embedded systems development and I would like to continue on this path even as I purse my master’s degree. Overall, the internship provided the industrial experience I was looking for. I would strongly encourage others to apply for the program." - Ronnie, MA Life Sciences Center Intern and student at UMass Boston

"When I heard about BU’s BioScience Academy from my career center, I was initially uncertain about signing up. I’d been working in the IT field, but always liked science. Today, I’m so glad that I took the leap. I see an exciting future ahead – one that values my prior work experience, but that will also enable me to explore my interests in teaching and helping to fight disease in developing countries. As a parent, my time at the Academy feels like it is totally for me. My knowledge about this blossoming field is growing and I enjoy working on teams with my classmates – a very culturally and professionally diverse group that is so supportive. Recently my lab partner and I were praised for the good lab skills we'd learned since starting the program. We felt really proud. I am confident that with my ability to learn, commitment to the work, and general good attitude, I’ll succeed in the internship and eventually in a job placement. I’m really excited about the possibilities!" - Clare, student at BU's Bio Science Academy.


“The [Mass Life Sciences Center internship] is very exciting because I have had the opportunity to interact with people involved in all aspects of the industry, including research, clinical settings, and business. I think that working at Bach Pharma has given me greater insight into the industry as well as given me skills that I can carry into my future career.” Megan, Boston University.

“The [Mass Life Sciences Center] Internship Challenge has given me an excellent opportunity to work with the most welcoming, knowledgeable, and team-oriented group of scientists. I feel that I have been given a chance to be part of something bigger than myself and I appreciate every minute of it.” Crystal, Bridgewater State University

“The [Mass Life Sciences Center] program has opened a great opportunity for us to offer interns some practical scientific experience while they make some significant contributions to our programs. I am very happy the program is achieving its goal to develop the Life Science resources of Massachusetts with these internship opportunities to our future scientists.” Walter Lunsmann, Chief Operating Officer, VivoPath, LLC

“Diagnostics for All has greatly enjoyed participating in the [Mass Life Sciences Center] Internship Challenge program. The interns bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to our research projects, and they have readily become invaluable, contributing members of our team. We’re grateful that the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center supports such a valuable program.” Dr. Matthew Stewart, Senior Scientist, Diagnostics for All

“This [Mass Life Sciences Center] summer internship has been much more than I expected. Working at a biotech start-up has opened my eyes to the great potential there is in the Life Sciences industry right here in Massachusetts.” Juan, Babson College

“We are very pleased with the biology and analytical students that have worked with us. The [Mass Life Sciences Center] program gives us the opportunity to hire talented students that we would otherwise not have access to. It’s a win-win situation: we are extremely impressed with the contributions the students make and its great work experience for them.” Shana Dobson, Operations Manager, Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals