Who We Are

All About Us

While our leadership group includes primarily teachers, we are a network of progressive public school employees, parents, students, and allies who believe that public education should be democratic, well-funded, and community-supported. We are opposed to the privatization of public education that is occurring at a rampant rate in the United States today. We use a list serve and website to keep ourselves updated on current issues in public education. We meet with others in a safe space for discussion of topics, including social justice in the classroom, contracts under question, the lack of democracy in decision making in the education system, budget cuts, increases in class size, furloughing, and reductions in force. We are a resource space for people interested in bringing more unity and action to the struggle to save public education.

At this time we are a small group of people active in defense of public education in the Metro Atlanta area. We believe that there are many like minded individuals and groups with whom we could connect through this website to build a larger and better informed network of public education activists and advocates.

We stand for:
  1. Community controlled public schools with collaborative decision-making rather than schools implementing a top-down corporate model that serves the interests of private business.  We define community as school employees, parents, students, administrators, and others who support public education.;
  2. Education that treats each child as a human being and not a standardized test score;  
  3. The human right to a quality education that is accessible to all students, including those who are undocumented.  We believe it is the government’s obligation to respect, protect, and fulfill our human rights;
  4. Hate-free public schools which reject bullying and various forms of racist, sexist, homophobic, and other types of discrimination;
  5. Fully funded public schools which truly leave no child behind rather than our underfunded and understaffed schools which all too often fail to address the needs of children of color, impoverished students, English Language Learners, and those who are facing various physical, mental, and emotional challenges which may result in their being pushed out of our schools and into the juvenile justice system;
  6. Equitable distribution of all funds for education that do not force states and districts to compete for funds such as Race to the Top;
  7. Development of innovative public schools instead of further expansion of the charter school movement that too often allows private interests to control public schools with little community oversight;
  8. Evaluation and training that support the professional development of all teachers, as opposed to compensatory and certification systems based on unreliable test scores, such as pay for performance;
  9. The right of all public employees to organize, bargain collectively, and obtain due process;
  10. An end to privatization that transfers our public wealth into private hands and the current dismantling of our entire public sector.

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