Social Justice in the Classroom ItAG

Social Justice in the Classroom

     Participants in the Social Justice in the Classroom Inquiry to Action Group completed 6 weeks of discussion and action that led to the creation of the first Georgia Social Justice in the Classroom Resource Booklet.  The Ben Marion Institute also created a wonderful Social Justice Reading list which can be found here.

     Participants also spent time developing their own strategies, lessons and/or ideas of social justice in education which they publicly shared at the Outdoor Activity Center for further feedback and discussion on their work.  Below are the topics and ideas they discussed:

  • Harlan Pace, a student teacher in 6-12 science, focused on creating a "science class culture framework" which places social justice at the center as he critiques the "top-down" nature of the school classroom.  Harlan sees the classroom as a place for communities to come alive and for action to spark as it goes beyond the walls of school.  His PPT outlines his ideas and praxis.  Feedback and ideas can be shared with Harlan here:
  • Jen Sauer, a 6th grade DeKalb county science teacher focused on teaching astronomy.  Her PPT shows the demographics of her school, languages spoken, and the difficulties in bringing social justice into her teaching.  Regardless, the benefits outweigh the negatives as the Teaching Astronomy through Multicultural Calendars PPT demonstrates.  Jen would love feedback and ideas on implementing more social justice in the classroom: