Friends of MAPS

Organizations or groups that support public education, with whom we work together on common issues.

Atlanta Public Sector Alliance (APSA)
The Atlanta Public Sector Alliance engages in long-term, multi-issue, grassroots organizing in the Atlanta region. We prioritize work at the base in order to build a people-centered, human rights movement that addresses the root causes of systemic injustice and oppression. Our Atlanta Human Rights Charter Campaign focuses strategically on the public sector as an arena of struggle. The Charter will articulate our vision of a new Atlanta that will realize, protect, and expand our human rights. Achieving our objectives demands developing the leadership of those most affected. Using the human rights framework, we will empower our membership with political analysis and a personal/political approach to building power and liberation that will be comprehensive and holistic.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for professional development, produce and disseminate critical knowledge, and engage in advocacy that promotes social justice.  MAPS is proud to be part of GA NAME's "Power of Ten".

EmpowerED Georgia is a nonpartisan, grassroots education advocacy group of over 3,500 members -- students, parents, and educators -- across the state of Georgia.  Our organization seeks to inform the public about educational issues/policy, to engage the public in constructive dialogue, and to empower members to take action on the legislative level.

(GSPHE) is a coalition of students across the state of Georgia who believe that education is a right and 
should be affordable for all of us. We are for quality, accessible and truly public higher education in Georgia.

We are a collective of professors, teachers, students, and community members who are concerned about the censorship of certain histories, books, and pedagogies. We believe in education for social justice.

Project South is a grassroots organization based in the US South. For over 23 years , we have created critical spaces for movement building. We work with communities pushed forward by the struggle to strengthen leadership for long-term transformation. Our programs focus on communities of color affected by social control and economic degradation created by historic and current trends of privatization, exploitation, and structural racism in the US.

Through the expressive arts, Voices in the Treetops, Inc. networks to create a culture of peace by fostering positive, co-operative, productive artivism. 

The Network of Teacher Activist Groups (TAG) is a national coalition of grassroots teacher organizing groups. Together, we engage in shared political education and relationship building in order to work for educational justice both nationally and in our local communities.  MAPS is a proud member of TAG.