Metro-Ashbury Model Works provides research, design and prototyping services for narrow gauge rolling stock and fittings in larger model railway and model engineering scales.

Prototype: 3ft (914mm) Narrow Gauge

'H' 3-plank Open Goods Wagon
H.1 to H.20 (1873), H.21 to H.26 (1877)

'M' 2-plank Ballast Wagon
M.1 to M.4 (1877), M.8 to M.19 (1888)

'E' Brake Van
E.1 to E.6 (1873-76)
E.7 (1895)

'Pairs' Carriage F.70 (1922)
Purple Lake Livery with Off-White Upper Panels

'L' Bolster Wagon

L.1 to L.4 (1874)


'K' Open Cattle Wagon
K.1 to K.2 (1873), K.3 to K.4 (1877), K.5 to K.6 (1899)

'M' 2-plank Ballast Wagon
M.20 to M.27 (1899)

'K' Covered Cattle Wagon (re-built)
K.3 (1924), K.4 (1925), K.6 (1927)

'G' Covered Goods Van - porthole ventilated
G.4 (1873), G.5 to G.6 (1877), G.7 (1897), G.9 (1899)



'G' Covered Goods Van - unventilated
G.1 to G.3 (1873), G.8 (1899)

2-plank Fish Wagon
No.2 (1909), No. 3 (1910), No.5 (1914)

Locomotive No.16 'Mannin'
Beyer, Peacock & Co Ltd (1926)