What’s New For 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 METIS Planner

For 2018-2019, the METIS planner is available for $10 as a digital download. 

We heard from many users that they wanted the ability to customize their planner to have a thinner version with just one semester at a time, to be able to add additional to do pages, and to be able to better integrate many of the supplemental down loads (e.g. the project specific pages) directly into the planner.  Given the wide range of customization, it seemed best to keep things flexible and allow students to build their own. 

With many college students also telling us that they have access to free printing and were looking for a lower cost alternative, the digital only option seemed to also make sense for them. 

Some users have found that a thin 3-ring binder works while others have opted to use the ARC system (available from Staples or assorted Amazon and Walmart resellers).  The ARC system punches 11 T-shaped holes and uses ridged rings to create a very flexible planner where pages can easily be added and removed.

New Supplemental Downloads for use with the 2018-2019 METIS Planner

Every purchase of the 2018-2019 METIS Planner Digital Download includes full access to all 2018-2019 supplemental downloads. These supplemental/bonus downloads include:

  • Academic Helpers  
  • Financial Helpers    
  • Internship and Job Helpers
  • Goal Trackers
  • 4-Year Undergrad Course Schedule Planning  
  • Grad School Planning       
  • Life’s Little Helpers
  • Teacher Tools - New for 2018-2019 we now offer a set of teacher resources designed specifically education majors working in the field and for K-12 teaching professionals.  These resources include lesson plan overviews, class activity logs, attendance logs, grade logs, participation logs, reading and writing workshop logs, behavior logs, and IEP summary and tracking tools.  These new teacher tools are included with your purchase of the METIS Planner.

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