Quick Start Guide for the METIS Planner System

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Using To Do’s - Making Time To Do What You Need To Do …

All To Do lists included in the METIS Planner include two tracking columns, one labeled Completed and one labeled Scheduled.


If a task is small and can be quickly done, take care of it and mark the Completed O with a ü.


If you know a task will take a bit of time, mark the Scheduled O with a ü.


Then specifically allocate a block of time in your daily schedule to work on this task.

As you complete any scheduled activity or “scheduled” To Do item,  place a ü in the corresponding tracking O so that you know you have completed the activity.


At the end of each day, check your daily schedule and plan additional time for any to do items that do not have a ü indicating they were completed.

Using your METIS Planner, by always allocating time to do what you need to do, you will always have the time to do what you want to do!