METIS Planner Downloadables Including Supplemental (Bonus) Pages
Registered users have full access to all Print at Home versions of the METIS Planner*.  Additionally, the complete METIS Planner System includes more than 30 supplemental/bonus downloadables to help busy students succeed in school. Select from the categories listed below for a description and download links for each downloadable. 

Please note that the METIS Planner Supplemental (Bonus) pages will work best if printed as a two sided document.  If your printer does not support 2-sided printing, please see METIS Planner and Supplemental Pages Printing Tips for some suggestions.

Select Revision History for a detailed log of all additions and changes to the METIS Planner and Supplemental/Bonus Pages.

If you are looking for Supplemental/Bonus Pages from a prior year, please see 2017-2018 Downloadables or 2016-2017 Downloadables

* Please note that access to the METIS Planner Supplemental (Bonus) pdf files are restricted and requires a valid gmail account for which access has been explicitly granted. Please see the Support/FAQ page if you are having any access issues.  Please see the Terms of Service Page for more information regarding the use of downloaded files.