Revision History For 2016-2017 Print At Home METIS Planner Versions  

July 22 2016 - Updated All Pre-Production Versions of the 2016-2017 Print At Home METIS Planner.  Changes include:

  • Changed copyright to METIS Planner LLC (we are an official business now!!)
  • Added August to the Fall 2016 “My Semester Planning View”
  • Changed the “photo coloring pages” to “abstract coloring page” (if you liked the photo coloring pages, they are now available for registered users in the Just for Fun section of the Supplemental Downloads)
  • Corrected a few minor typos in the “Today is …” text
  • Updated the “Just for Fun – Find Everything in Existence Word Search” to include four newly named elements
  • On the last page, added a “Staying Connected” section to provide links to our Facebook page and our Twitter account 
  • Reduced size of all PDF versions - for example full planner reduced by 200MB
  • Simplified Just for Fun Maze page (ok, we'll admit it, we think it was impossible before - now we know it can be done)
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