College Tips:
Running Out of Money - Just One Suggestion
For many students, college is your first real experience living away from home and not even counting the high cost of tuition, room, and board, it can seem as though your income from your part-time job only lasts part of the week and the spending money you saved for the semester is running out by the 4th week of school.

Sure, you could setup a detailed budget and try to stick to it, but just one suggestion - first keep a simple log of everything you spend for an entire week – small purchases add up quickly.  And don’t forget, just because they call it “Dining Dollars” or “University Express” and you pay for items with a swipe of your student ID, it's still real money.

At the end of the week, ask these 3 questions:

  1. Can I afford to continue spending at the rate I’m spending?
  2. Is what I’m spending my money on a good use of my money?
  3. Is there something I’d rather be saving for?

Depending on your answers, you may decide that a strict weekly budget is for you or your increased awareness of how you spend your money is enough to establish reasonable fiscal responsibility.

The METIS Planner was designed specifically for busy college students and has you covered when it comes to all your to do’s – short term, month over month, and semester long projects.  The Financial Helper section of the Supplemental (Bonus) Downloads includes additional tools to help plan and track your spending and savings.

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