College Tips:
Thinking About Grad School - Just One Suggestion

Planning for graduate school is a major undertaking.  Whether you are interested in Law School, Med School, an MBA Program, or pursuing a Master’s or PhD, preparing for the required tests, selecting a candidate set of schools, creating a differentiated undergraduate experience, and completing the required applications is a time consuming and complex process.

It may seem crazy to start thinking about grad school during your undergraduate freshman year or even while still in high school, but in reality, that’s the perfect time to begin the process.

If you think you want to continue your undergraduate college education in grad school, then just one suggestion – start thinking about it early and make a plan.

Your initial college year is an ideal time to really explore career options and understand the full scope of education requirements.  It’s also a good time to make sure your undergraduate plan includes all of the necessary course requirements for your potential grad school objectives.

METIS Planner is excited to be working with CuttsGraduate Reviews to offer a set of comprehensive planning tools to help you prepare for grad school.  Cutts Graduate Reviews is led by Jay Cutts who literally wrote the book on getting into grad school.  He is the lead author of Barron’s Test Prep Series including Barron's MCAT Prep Book, Barron's MCAT Flash Cards and Barron's LSAT Prep Book.  He has developed a month by month guidance program that starts at the beginning of your undergraduate freshman year and provides specific direction to help students plan for and prepare for their graduate level testing and admissions process.  There are four unique programs that are all offered for FREE:

  • LawTrack – for students considering Law School
  • MedTrack – for students considering Medical School
  • MBATrack – for students considering graduate business school
  • GradTrack – for students considering a master’s or PhD program

For each program, Cutts Reviews provides monthly planning emails.  You can register for free by selecting the appropriate Track program from the Cutts Reviews Track Programs Overview Page.

METIS Planner has designed a year by year planning and tracking tool to help keep all of your grad school prep work organized in one place.  These tools do not require that you sign up for one of the Free Cutts Reviews Track programs, but are designed to seamlessly complement the monthly emails for maximum benefit.

By planning to do what you need to do, you’ll have the time to do what you want to do.  And so, maybe, starting to think about grad school while just starting your undergrad freshman year or even while still in high school is not so crazy after all.

The METIS Planner was designed specifically for busy college students and has you covered when it comes to preparing for grad school.  The LSAT/Law School Planner, MCAT/ Med School Planner, GMAT/Business School Planner, and GRE/Grad School Planner are just a few of the many Supplemental (Bonus) Downloads that are included with the METIS Planner Full Digital Access Edition.

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See our Order Now Page to purchase a print at home version of the METIS Planner with full digital access to all supplemental/bonus downloadables.