College Tips:
Avoiding The Freshman 15 - Just One Suggestion

The dreaded Freshman 15 is more than a myth, it’s a statistical reality for many first time college students.  Unlimited dining hall food, easy access to endless fast food options, a dorm room well stocked with snack foods, parties with friends all coupled with dealing with academic stress, roommate stress, and financial stress all contribute to the unwanted pounds often put on during the first year of college.  As a statistical average, many students can and do avoid the Freshman 15, but the reality is that some students are facing the Freshman 20 or Freshman 30.  

Just because food is available to you 24/7 doesn’t mean you need to partake in a never ending meal.  And just because the dining hall offers deep fried this and smothered that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your dinner.  There are even dangers lurking around the healthy looking salad bar.  Just One Suggestion for avoiding the Freshman 15 – keep a simple food journal.  Just by being aware of when you’re eating will help you establish a more appropriate eating schedule and make you aware if you are “stress eating” or “drinking empty calories” or “mindlessly snacking”.  Many students find that by packing a healthy between meal snack, they avoid binge eating during their main meals.  Most students have an intuitive sense of what’s healthy and what should be reserved for an occasional treat – don’t be afraid to ask the dining hall staff how something is prepared or if you can get the beautiful steamed vegetables without the unnecessary butter sauce.   By being aware of what you eat and holding yourself accountable for your food choices, you are more likely to make positive selections when standing in the dining hall food line.

And don’t forget, while walking around campus is great exercise, most college campuses have well equipped gyms and offer an abundance of physical fitness classes. It's up to you to take advantage of these opportunities.

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