College Tips:
Advice for All Freshmen - Just One Suggestion

Some students start college with a laser focus knowing exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives.  And maybe that’s a good thing, but maybe being a bit more open-minded is also desirable. College can also be a time of discovery, a time to explore new directions. 

If you have a well defined plan or are still on the road to self discovery, just one suggestion for all freshman - think ahead four years and recognize that you will want to have established a well balanced resume.  You’ll want your resume to reflect:

  1. Strong academics – Make the Dean’s List, apply for merit based scholarships, connect with a professor and do real research, participate in academic competitions and conferences
  2. Relevant Jobs and Internships – Take advantage of the opportunity to explore various fields within your career direction
  3. Extracurricular and Community Service – Leverage opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership

Of course having strong academics, relevant internships, and leadership roles on campus will all help in creating a strong resume, but more importantly, the experiences will help you find your passion or confirm that your well established plan is truly right for you.  And along the way, you will have also built a strong network of supporters - within the university, within the professional community, and with your peers.

Beginning to think about creating a balanced college experience in your Junior or Senior year is often too late.  Start early, take small steps, and let one opportunity open the door to the next.  You’ll be astounded at how much you can accomplish during four amazing years of college. 

The METIS Planner was designed specifically for busy college students and has you covered when it comes to all your to do’s – short term, month over month, and semester long projects. 

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