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Metis Main Categories

The Metis Main Categories constitute the foundation of a system with users and their needs and interests at its center, and our curriculum, collection, and library geography a very close second. They are not meant to reflect the state of human knowledge or depict the relationship of one branch of knowledge to another. The purpose of the alphabetical code is to make possible a useful order of the categories.

If you would like more information, download the complete schedules on the Metis Schedules page. 

Main Categories of Metis

A. Facts/Concepts

B. Machines

C. Science

D. Nature

E. Animals

F. Pets

G. MakingStuff

H. Arts

I. Sports

J. Ourselves

K. Community

L. USA (Then & Now)

M. Countries (Then & Now)

N. Languages

O. Traditions

P. Tales

Q. Verse

R. Humor

S. Mystery

T. Adventure

U. Scary

V. Graphic Novel

W. Memoir

X. Fiction/Picture stories

Y. Beginning fiction

Z. Middle level fiction