Teaching by Metin I. Eren

-----Kent State University

Fall 2017:
North America's Ice Age Hunters (Anth TBD) (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Introduction to Archaeology (Anth 18420) (Undergraduate)

Spring 2017:

Problems in World Prehistory (Anth 68340) (Graduate)
Introduction to Archaeology (Anth 18420) (Undergraduate)

Fall 2016:

Archaeological Analysis (Anth 38480) (Graduate and Undergraduate)

-----Graduate Students (past and present)

Primary Adviser:
    Michelle Bebber (2016 - Present), Ph.D. candidate, Kent State University [website]
    Angelia Werner (2015 - Present), M.A. candidate, Kent State University

Committee Member:
     Michelle Bebber (2015 - 2016), M.A., Kent State University

Invited External Ph.D. Advising Committee Member and External Opponent:
     Sigrid Staurset, Ph.D. (2014), Department of Archaeology, University of Oslo, Norway.
          Ph.D. Dissertation: Lithic technology and prehistoric behaviour patterns in the Middle Stone Age of Tsodilo Hills,