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-----Edited Volumes

3. O'Brien, Michael J., Briggs Buchanan, and Metin I. Eren (editors) 2018. Convergent Evolution and Stone Tool Technology. MIT Press.

2. Eren, Metin I.
(editor) 2012. Hunter-Gatherer Behavior: 
Human Response During the Younger Dryas. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek.

1. Outram, Alan and 
Metin I. Eren (editors) 2012. World Archaeology 44(1): Faunal Extinctions and Introductions. Taylor and Francis, London.


-----Journal Articles and Book Chapters

    In Press

86. Eren, Metin I., Michelle Rae Bebber, G. Logan Miller, Matthew Boulanger, Briggs Buchanan, and Robert J. Patten
(In Press) Description, morphometrics, and microwear of Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene artifacts from Northern Kentucky, U.S.A.. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

85. Eren, Metin I., Michelle R. Bebber
(In Press) Comment on "Apprenticeship in early Neolithic societies; the transmission of technological knowledge at the flint mine of Casa Montero (Madrid, Spain), c. 5300-5200 cal BC" by Nuria Castaneda. Current Anthropology.

84. Miller, G. Logan, Michelle Rae Bebber, Ashley Rutkoski, Richard Haythorn, Matthew Boulanger, Briggs Buchanan, Jenn Bush, C. Owen Lovejoy, and Metin I. Eren
(In Press) Hunter-gatherer gatherings: stone tool microwear from the Welling Site (33-Co-2), Ohio, U.S.A. supports Clovis use of outcrop-related base camps during the Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas. World Archaeology.

83. Pargeter, Justin, Palo de la Pena, and Metin I. Eren
(In Press) Assessing raw material's role in bipolar and freehand miniaturized flake shape, technology structure, and fragmentation rates.
Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences.

82. Werner, Angelia, Andrew Kramer, Crystal Reedy, Michelle Rae Bebber, Justin Pargeter, and Metin I. Eren
(In Press) Experimental assessment of proximal lateral edge grinding on haft damage using replicated Late Pleistocene (Clovis) stone projectile points.
Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences.


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79. Eren, Metin I., Briggs Buchanan, and Michael J. O'Brien
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In Convergent Evolution and Stone Tool Technology, edited by Michael J. O'Brien, Briggs Buchanan, and Metin I. Eren. MIT Press.

78. Eren, Metin I., Briggs Buchanan, Brian G. Redmond, James K. Feathers, Brian N. Andrews
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77. Bebber, Michelle R., Linda Spurlock, David M. Price, and Metin I. Eren
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Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 47:72-82.

70. Bebber, Michelle Rae, G. Logan Miller, Matthew T. Boulanger, Brian N. Andrews, Brian G. Redmond, Donna Jackson, and Metin I. Eren
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Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 12:543-552.

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Scientific Reports 7:44431 DOI: 10.1038/srep44431.

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[Open-Access Link]

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[Open-Access Link]


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17. Eren, Metin I.
(2011) C
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-----Book Reviews

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