Images -- Metin I. Eren
At Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, having just knapped an Acheulean handaxe from the well known (and difficult!) Naibor Soit quartz, the source hill of which can be seen in the background.
June 2013

The birth of a Clovis cache biface
(knapped by M.I. Eren August 2015, click on the pictures for a larger image)

At the "The Cutting Edge: New Approaches to Stone Tools" Workshop, Amerind Museum, Dragoon, Arizona, September, 2013.  Pictured from left to right standing: Michael J. O'Brien, Dietrich Stout, Gilbert Tostevin, Jay Reti, Mark Collard, Peter Hiscock, Steve Kuhn, Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel, Harold Dibble, Will Banks, Stephen Lycett, Briggs Buchanan. Pictured from left to right kneeling: John Shea, Metin I. Eren.

Teaching prehistory and flintknapping to an elementary school in 
Jwalapuram, rural South India. 
Photograph taken by Samir S. Patel/
Archaeology Magazine
published in the January/February 2010 Issue 
Archaeology Magazine.

On Lake Eyasi, Tanzania, June 2005.

Mapping strata in Cement Creek Cave, Colorado, USA, July 2007.
Left: me.  Right: Andrew Boehm.

Huaihua, Hunan Province, China, December 2008

Surveying in and around the Lindenmeier Site, Colorado, June 2006.

Teaching lithic technology and flintknapping at SMU (2009, Photo by B. Sunday Eiselt)

My very first day in the field while still in high school.
Cleveland Museum of Natural History Field School (June 2000), OEC #1 Site, Independence, Ohio.

Various items I've flintknapped in 2014.  I don't know why the top and bottom images are rotated, but if you click on them they are in the correct position.  The fluted point at the top was made for a PBS docuemtnary, while the variety of tools made in the middle image were made for a History Channel documentary.

A recent fluted point I knapped hafted by John Whittaker (Grinnell College), April 2014.
(Photo by John Whittaker)

At Quicken Loans Arena (The Q) in Cleveland, Ohio to see the Cleveland Cavaliers take on
the Atlanta Hawks, sporting my best Anderson Varejao hair, 28 December 2012
(Cavs lost 102-94 - oh well, Kyrie hit a crazy half-time buzzer: BUCKETS!).

On the English South Coast doing some big nodule reduction, and still supporting
The Cleveland Browns. (sometime in 2009)

During a recent trip to Cleveland, my parents had a surprise for me...
former Cleveland Cavalier SHAQ came for the visit! (March 2014)

Dear Ohio -- hope springs eternal!  26 November 2014
(by the way, I was one of those "yes" votes)

Don't be Ensign Ricky.