William Fuller

 Parents  Siblings
 Spouse Children Died
 William FULLER

 served in the 17th and later
 the 4th Light Dragoons in 
17th Sep.1786
Methwold St George
  Robert Fuller
 Sarah Riches
 Edmund /Edward *1785
 Thomas  *1788
 Mary    *1790
 Robert  *1792
 Robert  *1794
 Sarah   *1796
 11th June 1831
  Sarah WORTLEY Robert *1831
 Matilda *1834
 Louisa Riches *1837
  Died  24 Oct 1864
 Buried 26 Oct 1864
 Methwold St George


                                                                                    A fairly smudgy entry in the register for William Fuller's baptism at Methwold St George in 1786 . It reads :
                                                                                                                     Wm Son of Robt Fuller + Sarah,his wife


  In the first available census of 1841, the ages given were rounded up or down to the nearest 5. William is stated as age 50, occupation is Ag.Lab.and county of birth Norfolk. He's living in Methwold Hithe with his wife Sarah and their 3 children Robert, Matilda and Louisa. William was some 18 years older than his wife Sarah,and he was about 45 when they married in 1831.
    The next household is a Sarah Fuller ,85, not of Norfolk and after that a Mary Fuller ,aged 40,an Ag. Lab born Norfolk.Sarah is William's mother and Mary his sister.

   (There are roughly 40 entries for Fuller in Methwold in 1841 and probably all are related by blood or marriage in some way,but these census entries have been checked against the parish records and do match.)


   The 1851 census reveals a more specific age of 66 for William, and that he is a Pensioner Ag.Lab born in Methwold and Sarah and the children are all there too.State pensions weren't introduced until some fifty years later,so this could only be an Army Pension that was meant.
 The unmarried Mary Fuller is still next door, a pauper aged 48.The next household is occupied by a Robert Fuller and his wife Sophia and their many children.This Robert is probably a nephew of William.

   In 1861, William's age is noted as 74 and in his household are wife Sarah, daughter Louisa and granddaughter Harriett Elizabeth aged 5 ,the child of his other daughter Matilda.By this time, his son Robert has already gone to London and has two children of his own .
  The famed Mary Fuller is still there,but now listed as blind and accompanied by her widowed brother Thomas Fuller, aged 70, who is also William's brother.