Bakewell@Work is an initiative of the Association of Bakewell Christians which began in 2007.
Bakewell Methodist Church is actively involved in the Association.  The initiative seeks to discern the signs of the Kingdom evident within the working life of Bakewell and to work with all those, holding Christian or other convictions, prepared to give those signs fuller expression.  The initiative has led to a number of projects which are described below.

The Newsletter

A newsletter is published three times a year.  The first two pages contain news mainly related to the life and work of the churches in Bakewell.  The third and fourth pages cover news largely concerning the business community.  The newsletter is distributed to all businesses and many other agencies in the town by a team of volunteers drawn from the Bakewell churches.  The Newsletter is edited by David Clark ( from the churches and Sue Smethurst from the business community (

Bakewell Community Project - Building Bridges

This project began in 2013 and is currently running until the end of 2014.  It has obtained over a hundred 'pledges' from a wide range of businesses and other bodies within Bakewell concerned with building community within the town and beyond.  In particular the project seeks to 'build bridges' between those otherwise divided by geography, gender, race, religion and culture.  Every business or organisation which makes a pledge becomes a 'Community Site' and is given a certificate to display in public.

In 2014 the pledges are being groups under 'Ten Visions for Bakewell' These are:

The great workplace!            Businesses as community builders
All matter - each counts!      Caring for those 'on the edge'.
Getting together!                  Harnessing the power of gathering.
Life begins at 80!                  Enriching life for those in our residential homes.
Learning for living!                Pursuing a life-long journey of discovery.
Arts for all!                           Engaging every generation.
Going Green!                        Maintaining a sustainable and beautiful planet.
Working Together!                Hands across the town.
In the know!                        Keeping everyone in touch.
A just world!                        Meeting the needs of the poorest.

The Building Bridges Project is seeking to promote the fulfilment of these visions in a diversity of ways.

The Prayer Booklet

In 2009, a Prayer Booklet was produced to support the businesses of Bakewell.  The latter were grouped under headings relating to their type of business and a prayer was written for each group.  The prayer booklet has been used regularly by the churches of Bakewell, in 2009 and succeeding years.  It is planned to produce anotherr booklet later in 2014 containing prayers to support the 'Ten Visions for Bakewell' and the Community Sites pledged to fulfil those visions.

For more information, please contact Deacon Dr David Clark: or 01629 810 172