Open faculty teachers teach the single lessons in the Pro and Maestrino modules. They are experienced career soloists as well as higher conservatory professors.

Suzuki faculty teachers are all qualified professional musicians and either hold a European Suzuki Association (ESA) teacher's diploma or, if they are indicated as "ESA trainee", have already obtained at least Level 3 in the five-level ESA teacher-training course.

Open Faculty

Zygmunt Marek Kowalski, violin - professor at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (BE)

Rosella Clini, piano - professor at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons (BE)

Suzuki Faculty


Sue Bird, piano - ESA teacher-trainer (UK)

Kristin Kristinnson, piano - ESA teacher-trainer (IS)

Huub De Leeuw, piano - ESA teacher-trainer (NL)

Graham Rix, piano - ESA teacher (UK)

Elodie Vignon, piano - ESA teacher (BE)

Sylvain Pénard, piano - ESA teacher (BE)


Barbara Parham, violin/viola - ESA teacher-trainer (UK)

Mona Kodama, violin - ESA teacher and instructor (UK)

David Roelants, violin - ESA teacher (BE)

Marina Solis Vilar, violin - ESA teacher (ES)

Alexis Oberreit, violin - ESA teacher (BE)


Isis Ballick, cello - ESA trainee (BE)

Other Faculty

Kinga Rytel, choir - professional choir leader (BE)

Thijs Geeraert, accompanist - ESA piano teacher (BE)

Aristotelis Zaphiropoulos, improvisation and harmony / accompanist - ESA and Dalcroze trainee (BE)

Raffaella Crispino, art - professional artist and arts teacher (BE)