Mini module

Early Bird deadline: 22/03/2019

Final deadline: 05/04/2019

This module provides a shorter, morning-only program (except for the solo concert), designed mostly for younger Suzuki pupils.

Please note that, as there are no concerts programmed in the morning, pupils willing and ready to perform a solo will do so at the 14:00 concert on Wednesday.

Deadline for inscription: 5/04/2018

No minimum age or level

Morning only (except Monday and Saturday: see schedule overview)

  • 4 single lessons of 25 minutes with a Suzuki Method teacher
  • Strings: 5 Suzuki group lessons
  • Pianists: EITHER 5 Suzuki group lessons with Sue Bird OR 5 Improvisation classes with Aris Zaphiropoulos*
  • 4 art classes of 50 minutes

*depending on instrument, age and level

  • Strings: rehearsal with the accompanist prior to the solo concert
  • One free period a day
  • Possibility to play a solo at the Wednesday concert at 14:00


  1. 4 single lessons of 50 minutes (instead of 25 minutes)