Junior module

Early Bird deadline: 22/03/2019

Final deadline: 05/04/2019

This module, like the Classic module, provides a full day program to Suzuki Method pupils, but with painting classes instead of chamber music.

Deadline for inscription: 5/04/2018

No minimum age or level

Full day

  • 4 single lessons of 25 minutes (one a day from Tuesday to Friday) with a Suzuki Method teacher
  • Strings: 5 Suzuki group lessons
  • Pianists: EITHER 5 Suzuki group lessons with Sue Bird OR 5 Improvisation classes with Aris Zaphiropoulos*
  • 5 orchestra or choir classes* of 50 minutes (including one on Monday)
  • 4 art classes of 50 minutes

*depending on instrument, age and level

  • Up to two free periods a day (plenty of rooms and pianos available for practice during the free periods!)
  • Solo Concert: possibility to play a solo during the week (if well prepared)
  • Strings: rehearsal with the accompanist prior to the solo concert
  • Group concerts: these will take place at the final concert on Saturday


  1. 4 single lessons of 50 minutes (instead of 25 minutes)
  2. Participation in both orchestra and choir classes (only for Book 2+ strings or flute)
  3. Options 1 and 2 combined