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The workshop activities are grouped together in various modules suitable for different levels, ages and budgets. Too much choice? Click here to make sense of it all!

Designed for professional-level students. The Pro module's Open Faculty teachers are highly experienced professional soloists. Only one slot per instrument. Details

Designed to provide a bridge between the Suzuki modules and the Pro module, this module includes single lessons with an Open Faculty teacher but also orchestra or choir, chamber music and optional participation in Suzuki group lessons. Details

This module provides a full-day program for Suzuki Method pupils, including both single and group lessons, orchestra or choir, and chamber music. Details

This module, like the Classic module, provides a full-day Suzuki program, but with painting classes instead of chamber music. Details

This module provides a shorter, morning-only program and is designed for younger Suzuki pupils. Details

Other combinations are possible than those proposed in the standard modules, for example for pupils playing two instruments. Details

For anyone wishing to observe only and not participate in the activities of the workshop. Details