The Activities

Please note that the activities described here are combined into various modules, each with a different content and price. To check the modules on offer, please go to Modules and Prices.

Individual lessons

In both the Open Pro and Maestrino modules the lessons are given by Open Pro Module teachers; in other modules, the lessons are given by Suzuki Method teachers (see Faculty).

Students will receive four lessons, one a day from Tuesday to Friday, except for Open Pro students who will receive five lessons, including one on Monday. Individual lessons can be 25 minutes or 50 minutes, depending on the options chosen. A 25-minute lesson means a 50-minute period shared with another student.

Master classes

In addition to their individual lessons, students in the Open Pro and Maestro modules will also attend one master class given by their Open Pro individual lessons teacher with, for the strings, the assistance of the workshop accompanist.

The teacher will decide which student or students will perform and be taught at the master class.

Suzuki group lessons

The students will take part in five lessons, one a day from Monday to Friday. They will be distributed into several groups, according to their level. The lessons are given by Suzuki Method teachers (see Faculty).

Improvisation and Harmony class

Five lessons, one a day from Monday to Friday. The students will be distributed one or more groups, according to their numbers, level and age.

Most of the pianists will take part in the Suzuki group lessons, while the more advanced will take part in the Improvisation and Harmony class taught by Aristotelis Zaphiropoulos, a professional pianist, Suzuki teacher and Dalcroze teacher.

Chamber music lessons

Four lessons per group, one a day from Tuesday to Friday.

The groups will be formed in advance. As far as possible, pupils of similar age and level will be grouped together. Although the groups will normally only meet at the workshop, the chamber music and/or orchestra parts will be sent to each participant in advance, to be prepared before the workshop. Only those groups which are appropriately prepared will be able to participate in the final concert.

The intention is to mostly form groups of 3 or 4 pupils. If duets are necessary their teaching period will be shared (25 minutes per duet).

Suggestions for pieces and/or pre-formed groups are welcome, although the organisers remain at liberty to refuse these.

Orchestra and Choir

Five lessons, one a day from Monday to Friday. Students generally follow either the orchestra course or the choir course, not both: strings will take part in the orchestra, pianists will sing in the Choir. However, Book 1 string players will also sing in the Choir.

String players who have reached Suzuki Book 2 or above will be distributed into two different orchestras, according to their level.


Four lessons, one a day from Tuesday to Friday.

For younger participants especially, the very popular Art class can be a welcome relief from the pressures of an intense music course!

Solo concerts

There are solo concerts on most days of the workshop. Participants who opt to have single lessons will have the opportunity to perform solo, provided that the piece to be performed has been well prepared in advance. This will be checked at the lesson.

String pupils will have the possibility to rehearse with the accompanist before their concert.

Final concert

The final concert on Saturday will present the best of the work done during the workshop by the orchestras, the choir, the chamber music groups, the violin groups, and the rhythm groups.

Free periods, classrooms and pianos, neighbourhood

A large number of unused classrooms and pianos will remain available for participants wishing to practise during their free periods.

The Conservatory is situated in the historic centre of Brussels, not far from the famous Grand' Place, and there is a lovely public park just across the street, so a nice stroll is also possible!