Violin section - Prices and Conditions

1. ASB fees (for the Year 2018-2019)

Each ASB violin pupil taking part in group lessons (compulsory up to and including Book 4 level) must pay 95€ per Term (or 285€ per Year, for pupils registering only for group lessons). This fee combines the general ASB fee of 15€ / Term, covering administrative costs, and the Violin Section fee of 80€ / Term, covering mainly group lessons and concert costs.

The ASB fees do not cover the cost of single lessons.

Pupils only for group lessons and not for single lessons, will be asked to pay per year, not per Term, unless they begin later than the first Term, in which case they will pay one or two Terms, whichever covers the lessons until the end of the Year.

A reduction in the ASB fees is possible in some cases:

Reduction 1: The ASB offers a reduction of the General Fee from 15€ to 8€ in the following cases:

- Two instruments: A pupil taking lessons for two different instruments taught by ASB teachers must pay the general fee twice, but is also entitled to the reduction twice, once for each instrument.

- Brothers and sisters: Any pupil with a brother or sister who is also a pupil of the ASB. The reduction applies to both siblings.

- Single lessons only (adult): Adult single-lesson pupils not using any ASB services other than invoicing and information.

Reduction 2: The ASB offers a reduction of the 80€ Violin Fee in the following cases and in the following amounts:

- Pupils who are students at BICSchool must only pay 60€ in Violin Fee (25% reduction).

- Pupils who have reached Suzuki Book 5 or higher and who can demonstrate good reason may be exempt from group lessons and may then pay only 15€ in Violin Fee.

- Adult pupils not using any ASB services other than information services are entirely exempt from the Violin fee

2. Fees for single lessons

The prices and conditions of individual lessons are set freely by the teacher. The fee for single lessons is to be paid each Term to ASB along with the applicable ASB fees.

3. Inscription

To effect an inscription, please access the inscription form.

Both the completed inscription form AND the payment should be received at least a week before the starting date.

The starting date for group lessons is usually at the beginning of one of the three school terms in the Belgian school calendar. It is possible for a pupil to begin group lessons later in the Term but in that case payment of the group lessons for the full term is still due.

The general ASB conditions of inscription may be found through the “inscriptions” page on this website.

5. Payment

If the inscription is both for group lessons and for single lessons, and not just for group lessons, we will communicate to you, upon receipt of the completed inscription form, the exact amount to be paid.

Beneficiary: Brussels Suzuki Association

Communication: teacher's name (or “violin groups”) + full name of the pupil

IBAN : BE54 3630 0889 0997 BIC/Swift: BBRUBEBB