Violin group lessons at BICS

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Group lessons take place on Monday evenings at BICschool near place Jourdan in Etterbeek.

Until Suzuki Book 5 level each violin pupil must be registered for group lessons, whether or not they are also taking single lessons.


For pupils taking only group lessons the price of inscription is 285€ / year. However, BICS students get a 60€ reduction, to 225€ / year.

Pupils taking single lessons pay both the price of their single lessons (which is set by their teacher) and that of the group lessons; however, they pay their lessons per term and not per year, i.e., for the groups, 95€ / term (ou 75€ for BICS students).

Beginners' group

The beginners' course, which takes place from 17:30 to 18:00, involves games and activities aiming to timprove motricity and teach rhythm, musical awakening, basic posture and the proper way of holding the instrument.

More advanced groups

The groups are organised by level, with two Suzuki Book 1 groups and then one group per book up to Book 7. Each group has a 30-minute lesson. Each pupil belongs to two groups and therefore has 1 hour of lessons each week, except for beginners and pupils in early Book 1, who take part in only one group.

In groups other than the begiinners' group, the study material is mainly the repertoire of the Suzuki Method, but it also includes games and exercises designed to improve posture, motricity, musicianship, instrumental technique, basic theory and solfege, as well as scales and arpeggios.

Generally, all the pupils who are not in the beginners' group have individual lessons as well as group lessons.

The teaching team

Each group switches teacher each week, alternating between two teachers. The most advanced groups also have a piano accompanist present at each lesson, which leads to a richer musical experience.

Concerts and Evaluations

Inscription as a violin pupil not only gives access to group lessons but also enables participation in several events each year, including two group concerts, a soloists' concert and an evaluation, the latter with an external jury which gives advice and encouragement to each pupil after his or her performance.

However, participation in any event depends on the level and adequate preparation of the pupil, as estimated by the teachers' judgment.


Inscription as an ASB pupil is possible in one of two ways:

- directly through one of the ASB violin teachers, if you would like to register the pupil for single lessons as well as for group lessons;

- or by sending the inscription form to the Violin Coordinator at, if you want the registration to be only for group lessons. However, please note that this is possible only for pupils aged less than 6 or for older pupils taking single lessons with a Suzuki Method teacher who is not a member of ASB. For all other pupils inscription to both single and group lessons is mandatory.

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