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Individual lessons - the violin teachers - inscription

Please note the Suzuki Violin Method involves both single and group lessons (unless the child is less than six - see group lessons)

Click on a teacher's name to view his or her bio and/or to effect an inscription for both single and group lessons:

Alexis Oberreit

Dominika Karbowniczek

Group lessons - information - inscription

The Suzuki Violin Method involves both single and group lessons. However, if your child is less than 6 you may, if you wish, register him or her only for group lessons. Students of a non-ASB teacher, whatever their age, and provided they are Suzuki Method, pupils, may also be registered only for group lessons.

Please click on group lessons for more information.


Observing lessons is free. This may interest parents who wish to better understand what the Suzuki Method implies before making a commitment; or it may interest conservatoire students who are interested in Suzuki's pedagogical approach; or it may be useful for Suzuki Method teacher trainees who are currently following an ESA teacher-training course. For more information, please contact the coordinator, Alexis Oberreit.

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