ABRSM examinations

as organised by Suzuki Music Brussels

"ABRSM" stands for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Once a year, in November, Suzuki Music Brussels organises some ABRSM practical and theory examinations.

ABRSM examinations are of a very high quality and diplomas are very high-quality ABRSM diplomas are recognised not only by all UK music schools, faculties and colleges but also by those of many countries around the world.

Theory examinations are normally in English but may also be done in another language, if this is requested upon inscription.

ABRSM grades:

ABRSM Theory: grades 1 to 8.

ABRSM Practical (any instrument): grades 1 to 8.

Theory Grade 5 is required to access Practical grades 6 to 8.


Each form can register one or more candidates. ASB teachers will each fill one form for their pupils; the forms will be collected by the ASB Secretariat and sent on to ABRSM, after verification.

Fees will be paid by the pupils or their parents to the ASB account indicated by their teacher. ASB will pay ABRSM for all the ASB candidates

Theory examinations:

Theory exams will take place at BICSchool in rue Froissart, Etterbeek (between place Jourdan and place Schumann)

Next date: Tuesday 5 November at 16:00 (application period 26/8 - 13/9)

Duration: according to grade presented (see below)

Language: English OR any one of the belgian national languages (translation of the paper must be required on the inscription form)

Practical examinations:

Practical exams will take place at the Suzuki concert hall in Espace ADEM at 10 rue Fernand Bernier in St Gilles

The next date is yet to be determined, but will take place in the period November-December (application period 2/9 - 23/9)

Duration of exam per level: see below

Support material

The ABRSM website and its online shop provide extensive information and support material, including theory coursebooks, app for theory grades 1-5 (only 5,50€!), practical examination music parts with CDs, etc.

Music Theory fees

Grade 1 43 EUR

Grade 2 44 EUR

Grade 3 47 EUR

Grade 4 60 EUR

Grade 5 62 EUR

Grade 6 73 EUR

Grade 7 75 EUR

Grade 8 79 EUR

Practical exam fees

Prep Test 67 EUR

Grade 1 76 EUR

Grade 2 80 EUR

Grade 3 87 EUR

Grade 4 99 EUR

Grade 5 104 EUR

Grade 6 116 EUR

Grade 7 141 EUR

Grade 8 166 EUR

Examination timings

Piano Strings Theory

Prep Test 10 mins 12 mins -

Grade 1 12 mins 12 mins 90 mins

Grades 2 & 3 12 mins 14 mins 90 mins

Grades 4 & 5 15 mins 17 mins 120 mins

Grade 6 20 mins 20 mins 180 mins

Grade 7 25 mins 25 mins 180 mins

Grade 8 30 mins 30 mins 180 mins