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"I Am The Beast That Bleeds The Feast"     

 "Bleeding Me"



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   This is just a basic page showing my Metallica collection and other Bands I like!Thanks for visiting my Metallica Collection Page!If you need info on any of my items let me know!





Monsters Of Rock 1985 #151

Bazzarre Cdr boot

Bullshit Is Over #180 (3cd set boot)

Legendary Quartet #108 (2cd set boot)

No Life Til Megaforce #55 (2cd set boot)
Yokohama 1993 #95 (3cd set boot)

Tokyo 1986 1st Night #83

Woodstock 1994

The Ultimate Roots

Keep The Flames Burning 

Live in minnesota

CIA do metal

City Of Rock 

Hardware to self destruct 2cd set/3cd set/B vinyl R vinyl deluxe box set

Fuel & Fire 4cd set

HTSD Japan 3cd

Bone Knob


                Green Hell Shift Knob!!!                 


Justice Promo Rock!!


          Sundance LP Boxset #10/10



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Had many great Local cd shops over the years helping out my Metallica collection, here's the list of the ones I remember, with only a few still around now!!!Support your Local Record Shops!!!!!!
Tom Tom Music
Recycle CD
Starbound Music
Salt Lake CD
CD Warehouse
Randy's Records*
Record Collector
Raspberry Records
Warehouse Music
Music to your ears
2nd Spin CD

Raunch Records*
Sound & Vision*