News Broadcast

At this site you will find the instructions to your next group assignment called News Broadcast.
Your assignment is to create your own news headline and present it as part of a news broadcast.
News broadcast = the broadcasting of various news event and other information via television, radio or internet. The content is usually either producued locally in a newsroom, or by a broadcast network. It may also include such additional material as sports coverage, weather forecasts, traffic reports, commentary and other material that the broadcaster feels is relevant to their audience. (Wikipedia 2011)
News anchor = In the United States and Canada, news anchors (also known as "anchorpersons", "anchormen", or "anchorwomen") present material prepared for a news program and, at times, must improvise commentary for live presentation. Many anchors are also involved in writing and/or editing the news for their program. Some famous Swedish news anchors are Claes Elfsberg (Rapport, SVT), Katarina Sandström (Rapport, SVT), Lisbeth Åkerman (Rapport, SVT) and Bengt Magnusson (TV4 Nyheterna, TV4). (Wikipedia, 2011)
 Bengt Magnusson
Claes Elfsberg
Katarina Sandström
Lisbeth Åkerman