1. About this web page

This website contains two distinct sections.  One part presents material intended for biologists, especially biogeographers, ecologists, and geographers of various sorts.  This material is a blending of my lifelong interest in aspects of biology and my professional background in atmospheric science.  A number of powerpoint presentations are included in this section, ranging from personal travel summaries of natural history interest to climate-related talks.  The second component to this website is material related to my research experience that has mostly been associated with tropical weather and climate.   In this section I have material related to weather service operations in developing countries, planning and carrying out meteorological field experiments, and aspects of tropical meteorology and analysis.   Naturally, I would encourage you to look over both sections - whatever your background.  As I have taken early retirement from my NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) research activities, I am now able to provide help in these areas.  

In brief:  

About me:  I am a research meteorologist who has worked at various locations, most extensively (22 years) at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma.  My research involved topics in mesoscale and synoptic meteorology with a focus on tropical and subtropical phenomena.  Most of the field work was carried out in developing countries.   My vita describes some of my activities and educational background.  A short summary of what I think my main strengths are can be found here.  Some of my motivations for expanding into topics seemingly unrelated to meteorology (e.g. biology) are included here.

What I can offer:  I  took an early retirement opportunity from the US Federal Government to work more in the international arena and on topics I would not have been able to work on within NOAA.  As well as providing some educational material, this website describes how I can help others in the biological sciences and in foreign meteorological services.  If you are primarily a biologist see here.   If you are interested in weather service education and development (especially in developing countries) see here.

Enjoy reading, and don't hesitate to communicate with me at  douglasnoaa@gmail.com

Meteorology for Biologists                 or               Meteorology for Meteorologists