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03 - Event Milestones

posted 17 Mar 2012, 06:20 by David Andrews   [ updated 22 Apr 2012, 05:25 ]

Now, while I get the reasoning and function behind Milestones (both Character and Event) I'm having real trouble making them. (Which is going to be fun when I have to explain them to the players)

This is a bit of a problem since I'm trying to make up a couple for the first "Event" in the homebrew campaign that we've decided to run using Marvel.

Basic campaign synopsis is the PCs consist of a "Reed Richards-like" scientist and his four kids. Dad's doing an experiment in the basement when something goes wrong and while he is in a nice hazmat safe chamber, his kids are exposed to the radiation/chemicals/energy/whatever and gain superpowers. The first Event as such is kind of the "origin" issue in that it introduces the characters, the accident happens, they gain powers, and then use them.

My very vague penciled out Event plan has them using their powers to foil some villainous caper which also acts as their "debut" if you like. This suggests two Event milestones to. New Super and Foil the Badguy. The second is kinda vague as I haven't determined who the badguy is and what the caper is. I'm waiting until the players have character concepts first. It's no good having a caper that they can either completely circumvent with their powers or one in which their powers are of no use whatsoever.

I have no idea what to put as the individual milestone entries and all I've got so far are.

New Super

1 XP the first time you use a power in a scene
3 XP when a member of the public sees you use a power
10 XP when you ...