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West Meteor City

Ashford & Hanford

The bedroom communities of Ashford and Hanford are fairly new, having grown up over the past twenty years. Both are clean, modern suburban communities only barely keeping up with the demand for new homes from the people moving into the Meteor City area. Although some think the new communities are too “uniform,” with their six or seven styles of single-family homes, most find Ashford and Hanford pleasant, with new neighbourhoods, schools, shopping, and the like. Many of Meteor City's middle class families live in the area, with more moving in all the time.

Ridge Gap

Ridge Gap, as its name suggests, is a gap in the western crater rim through which highway 528 enters the city.  It provides the main road access into the city from inland Florida and the high links Meteor City directly with the nearby city of Orlando. The area becomes progressively more low rent with each block away from Midtown and toward Hanford.

The Gap, as it is more commonly known, is home to sleazy porn theatres and adult bookstores, a large number of dingy bars, and relatively cheap housing. More than a few have commented that it is unfortunate The Gap has been largely spared the damage inflicted on the rest of Central Meteor City by super-battles.

Of any of the areas of Meteor City, it’s one that should be leveled. Still, The Gap is cleaner and less dangerous than it has been in the past. The MCPD has undertaken increased vigilance in the area and the city is doing what it can to "clean up" The Gap.


South of the Hanford is the Lincoln district of the city. Lincoln is mostly lower and lower-middle class, and growing pockets of poverty and crime have been eating away at the community for years. Much of the housing near The Gap has dropped in value as crime and gang activities have increased. Many parts of Lincoln have seen crack houses and meth dealers spring up, get rooted out by the police, then show up somewhere down the street. Areas of low-income housing seem to breed crime, and people are careful about avoiding parts of Lincoln at night.

The central area of Lincoln is major industrial area and home to murmurous heavy industries. Many of these relocated from Central Meteor City following Clean Air Acts which were passed by the city government in the mid 70s due to a growing smog and pollution problem. Strict emission standards forced several major manufacturing plants to close although most chose to relocate to Lincoln as the Act only covered industrial properties within the crater area.

Even Lincoln is seeing the impact of the prosperity of Meteor City, with more money going into public works and new construction. But, as some point out, there are concerns that the contractors and construction companies getting that money are influenced by organized crime, merely strengthening their position in Lincoln.