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South Meteor City


Bayview is similar in many respects to Port St John but is somewhat less affluent and some of the old mansions and Victorian-era homes have been sold to businesses or turned into bed-and-breakfast inns. Bayview lies between the southern edge of Crater Bay and the southern crater rim.

The eastern neighbourhoods feature more upscale homes, particularly those with bayfront property. The community is a popular place for recreation during the summer and autumn with boating and other water activities.

Further west, the demographics become solidly middle-class with the Bayview Amusement Park located at the end of the peninsula within sight of the airport.

Notable Locations

Port St John

Sheltering on the sides the southern crater rim is the community of Port St John. Port St John is an affluent community. It goes from beach front property toward the higher ground near the crater rim. Property in Port St John is more expensive than average and there is community concern about crime filtering in from Lincoln. Neighbourhood watches are becoming more common.


From the shore to the I95 is the Cocoa area, a posh district of expensive waterfront homes and historic mansions owned by some of Meteor City’s wealthiest families. Cocoa features exclusive yacht clubs and beach front property, with few stretches of public beach. During the holiday season, Cocoa's stately mansions are beautifully decorated and there are tours to see them.