MCU MetaScience Department

Despite its name, the MSD has nothing whatsoever to do with the science or study of metahumans. Amongst the students of other faculty's, it's more popularly known as the Mad Science Department. This is because every single student who studies in the MSD is a metahuman superscientist in training and most of the teaching staff are metaprodigies themselves. The MSD is unique as it is the only facility in the country that caters to such students. It's also noticeable that the average age of its students is 14. Metaprodigies tend to finish schooling at an early age, outstripping others of their age group. Accelerated learning programs, scholarships and regular universities only go so far and MSD's program is designed to assist young superscientists in learning the advanced scientific theories that most will go on to utilise and revolutionise in their adult lives. Many of the scientific theories and principals taught by the MSD are so advanced, they can only be taught by other metaprodigies.

The MSD only has a dozen or so students at any one time and the department is located in an old Cold-War era bunker on the edge of MSU's campus. It used to share facilities with the Physics Department but the presence of so many "junior mad scientists" caused concern amongst other students and they petitioned that the department be moved for the safety of other staff and students. The University administration managed to resist the calls until Dr Charles Tempus accidentally placed the entire campus in stasis for a week. After the incident, the University was forced to find alternative facilities for the MSD.