"Don't Mess With A Human Extremophile."

 =Meteo Archon, 5th Rokuratei, Any Time Zone or Scale

"I have been an asshole. But then
again, I can be little else."

        - Plain and Simple Cronan
          May 11, 1998


USE THIS TO SMITE YOUR FOES@!!! And make a tireless crusade against Censorship/Youtube/George Bush and FOR Cinnabon!

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                   |_/ |_|      .                                  .
                _____  ____  _________    _____ _____________
                \    \/    \/         \__/     V     ____    |
                 \      _      /|      __      |    |____|   |         .
         .        \____/ \___/  |_____|  |_____|_____________|
                  .                          .
Mutate Your Brain!!! Debunk things and nail the Anal Rapists?!!! .

|             ASCII                 ''''''''''''''''''''' @@@/.|@''''''''''|
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|''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''.------------.-----@/    /    |@@@@@''''''|
|''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' |            |||@@/     /     |@@@@@@'''''|
|''''''''''''''''''''.---------------.        |@@/             |@@@@@@@''''|
|''''''''''''''''''' |               |--------@/       /       |@@@@@@@@'''|
|''''''''''''''''''' |               |@||@@@@/                 |@@@@@@@@@''|
|''''''''''''''''''' |               |@||@@/         /         |@@@@@@@@@@'|
|'.-----------------------.          |@@@/                     |@@@@@@@@@@@|
| |                       |----------@@/           /          |@@@@@@@@@@@@|
| |      Post your        |@||@@@@@@@/                        |@@@@@@@@@@@@|
| |                       |@||@@@@@/                          |@@@@@@@@@@@P|
| |   ASCII Art here.     |@||@@@/                            |@@@@@@@@@@@h|
| |                       |@||@/               /              |@@@@@@@@@@@o|
| `-----------------------@@@/                                |@@@@@@@@@@@e|
|''''' @@@@@@||@@@@@@@@@@@@/                                  |@@@@@@@@@@@n|
|'' @@@@@@@@@||@@@@@@@@@@/                                    |@@@@@@@@@@@i|
| @@@@@@@@@@@||@@@@@@@@/                   /                  |@@@@@@@@@@@x|
`---------------------'                                        `-----------
Or do you want to go on a little Adventure?'
Thie and the Links page are like Transwarp Networks, they take you 100,000s of lys in mere seconds!

Me, In My Battlesuit.

meteo@comcast.net, e-mail me. 

Old Blood Border from the First Age of the Internet.

Rokuratei Class - Representative of Supergenius Incarnate!!!

Here are the Rules to the STCS; - what these Gaming Stats on this page are usually for:
STCS Rules - Old Dewdrops page from over a Decade ago

She made up some kewl Power Rangers fanfiction, where she played Leonora Rowanson, the Indigo Ranger,
who had a Scarf Around Her Waist, morphing with a Silver Coin on a chain with a lightning bolt on it.

For more on her and me being odd, silent musing writer penpals (ol' 1996 term, there:)
go here: Open Letter



"Next time someone tells you marajuana is bad keep
this in mind: In order to overdose on said "gateway"
drug you must smoke 3/4 of a ton in a period of no
longer than fifteen minutes. This is a marajuana
cigarette about 15 feet long and 1 foot in diameter"
-Time Magazine

Big Brother is Watching You.
-1d100 events, from 1d100 people, any of whom may cause calamity for you, or may help, but doubt all.

Keep looking up, and don't be a statistic. or a cariature.

Also, in addition to that Poet's Nightmare of Advice, Billy Mays, George W, and Chris Crocker are all the Turd-Nuke Isotope Hybrids that won't
become dated.

This site is Brain Surgery that can't be undone.

We are not all Mindless Zombies; - Avoid Censorship, Goofy, awkward sounding named pages like "Huffington" or "Fark",
and anything other than older MST3K Pages with "Satellite", beginning with "MST3K" after the www, the Magic MST3K
Expansion page is good too, and follow any and all of this; to avoid a nasty fate; - like a fat guy, with deformed

More Red Dwarf, read below, 1d6+1d4+2x10 Application/understanding, follows, somethings things jsut make you go *GASP*

Some of this Page's stuff is geared towards Strenuous Workouts, and Obscure Facts, other than the Gaming Fun.

Keep This In Mind.

This... the Midi, I remixed it dozens of times, and it's of a great song, to the one you love and hate,
a demon and angel, you see me, and the one I am like... In the dreams we're both haunted by...

Go to Retrojunk and Retrojunkie.com; - more assistence, in addition to the brilliance here.

Here is a Star Trek Site; - good for a newer site, and monitored by me form before I was cyborged.



11/7/2014: Here's Don Miller's Gaming List, with my Results miniaturized below:


11/6/2009: You know, I used to read the old Street Sharks Comics, and watch a few of the episodes, and got a few of the action
figures, Navy-Blue Suit Paradigm, Bends, and some leathery clad Shark Dude, here, on Youtube, you can see the series, I've been
catching up, and it's weird, and nostalgic, TheyStoleMyBrain

Also, Micro Machines has the Tri-Star Phaser Cannon Statted up, and New Other Races has the DS9 Breen ship, two long-running
plans on the board, more, mostly Post-TNG to come, soon.

Seriously, visit the hidden links here, and the more obvious ones in Links, to see the old 1st Age Webpages, and get lots of
Entertainment and Info, it's quite a lot, and various Tripod and Angelfire pages are still up, for more old pages and data.

No haters, or otherwise, here: Hate Anything Complex???
Go down, for easy front page goodies!!! And Read Carefully, in segments, Skip Around, and other shit.

New Freakazoid Page, the biggest and Best!!!! Freakalair!!!

For the easiest stuff, the news update is at the top.
7/1/2009: Happy 50th Anniversary, to Life, the Universe, and Everything!!!

The Links and some of the things in Editorials are archivals, needed edutainment; - the Super Adventure Club being a safe, easy mark to avoid something.

Allspan Ascension!!!
For More TNG SFB Stuff, old Web Archive Has It:
Matt Brock's old Website


Armageddon-9.99.99: IT IS IT, the Time of the Armageddon, I will be boozing up, for this celebration of the Armageddon, the Armageddon to end all Armageddons, a Symphony, recount of Existence, accomplishments, and strange shit, and you guys, watch Penn and Teller's 2012 Episode, I learned from it, being wise to prepare in advance, and not to be multifucked by the bullshit, and also, I've put up some SSDs, here, and on STSSTCSOLDA Proboards and the SFB Open Discussion forums, go check em' out.

The (way....-)post-TNG Ships are coming up, FASA-Wise, at the end of the Federation Section, and one of them, the Memorial Class Monolith, or Complete Tapestry (depending on translation), existed, in Eta Universe continuity, for several years.

Also, here are some MIDI's, from the Geocities-izer, given subjective interpretative titles, by me.

Armageddon-9.95.75: I've added some more Far Future SHips in the Federation section, and a new Warp, Slip, and Realitywarp Scale page, for info on just how fast each one is.

Armageddon-9.94.6: A few new Simulator Race Ships are now up in the Other Races section.
Also, I'm planning a new Project: FASA Stats for the Enterprises-S through Z< all with new stats, and all succeeding the Istari Class, it'll be shady! After all those years of honing my Skills, making some shitty ships in 2002, getting fairly average in 2007, doing great, and doing up my Carlin Class, and some TFD Era Ships in 2008, Growing in Ship development, along with many other things (mostly mental) in 2009 (The Year of Growth), and continuously growing and improving since that time... Definitely a good project, this next one, and I'll get all eight of em' finished in time for the armageddon; go watch Penn and Teller's 2012 on Youtube, and search "2012 hoax" on Google, this'll be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a crash course in bullshit.

Armageddon-9.94.045: The Enterprise-R Istari Stats from Don Miller and Me, are now up, in both SFB and FASA Stats.

...In Addition, I will do up the Ents S-Z, in an Armageddon "Future Lineage" type of thing.

Armageddon-09.93.096: There is now a new link or two, and for the FASA STCS, - there is now a Star Wars Ships section, with new systems made for the STCS, using Micro Machines, Books and Clone Wars, the Incredible Cross-sections (to a lesser extent), and the movies, along with some things made up, often moving along the lines of the unofficial material.

...Well, I haven't put up a Guestbook yet, I don't think Google Sites have much of a way of setting one up; too bad, - it would've been a nice little homage to the 1st Age, when web sites were high quality education/enterrtainment/fairly accurate fanpages to various things, with occasional multimedia, the shipkit, and guys like Manny Perez, Don Miller, and Cronan Thompson being the prominent figures, spearchucking the best of the best.

...Sadly, This is a large part of why the 2nd Age just can't deliver.

...More ships have been posted over at Torg's forum, and I'll keep getting projects up until the supposed Armageddon. Where the World will magically just end, all minds will simply obliteratingly vanish, and all will, after a heap of disasters, disappear in a nihilistic pile of hellfuck, at least, that's what the 2012 cultists say... This it why it's called the Year of Armageddon, and even compared to most end-of-the-world (One of the greatest piles of bullshit fabricated by shitheads, spawning shitfests) claims, this is a kooky load of batshitting pissfuck.

Armageddon-09.92.085: There's a new link and download, and I've just been fighting off more asshats - it's the 2012 Schizo-...BSMaker-Movement, they sent more assholes, trying to kill me!

After fighting them off, (I *AM* A member of the Rokuratei, thr'!) I put up the last of Don Miller's SSDs below the link to his page; - meh, I'm eccentric, and it kind of fit; - speech and joke-wise.

...Anyway, within the ne..In the next few Days, I'll try and put up a new Guestbook, go visit there, and e-mail me: to quote Chandler Miles, of the Kakarot52 Gang, from before 9/11: "E-mail me, dammit. I never get e=mal *sniff*"

Armageddon-09.92.06: There's a new link, to some obscure Star Trek-related page I visisted in the First Age (late 90s'). and all of Don Miller's SSDs are now uploaded. I also fought off more 2012 cultists (of clashing, schizophrenic mindsets; each 2012er believes different stuff will happen on the final day, in the most jubilant, volcanic, year, the most devastating year, the year of Armageddon, December 21st, 2012!!), I also got high on weed and alcohol (multiple times( near this computer in my hideout, and peed naked and drunk in front of the New Mormon Creationists' Home (again), and I've put up Santa Takes On Easter, by Big Al, who used to do rants as bigal2k6, on Youtube, who occasionally does stuff, and pops up here and there, doing cosplays, recpies, and Rants.

Armageddon-09.90.05: Here, check out this convienient Acid Trip, for all you trippy hellfucks out there: SuperBad

Armageddon-09.70.02L I've updated the Links page: There's a new memorial to Cronan Thompson: Go check it out, and see what he was like during the First Age of the Internet, even interacting with DS9 and B5 staff.

Armageddon-09.70: Here, check this out: True Scientific Hellpissing against the mainstream.

Armageddon-09.69: More Don Miller Stuff and links will come up soon. I might have a Guestbook up sometime in the next few weeks, too.

Also, check out my Youtube, at meteosurreal, and head on down to the Geocities-izer, Geocities-izer - Make Any Webpage Look Like It Was Made By A 13 ...

I put a few web pages through that, and also head to Seanbaby's Page and Fat Chicks In Party Hats,
both of which were among the first comedy sites I ever visited as a mid-to-late teen in the early Second Age, the latter run by a retarded, enigmatic Mexican named Miguel Roya, helped out by Seanbaby, and who moved off of the notorious, cheap censoring, prone-to-collapsing from the First Age Web Site Company Geocities, and speaking of which, go to oocities and reocities to find backups of sites from there, and Miguel, he's silly, weirdly trippy, and he sometimes walks this odd balance beam between retarded and brilliant, claiming to be a "Fat Detective", making hilariously retarded conspiracy theories about how fat people are plotting to eat people and conquer all the "notfats".

Armageddon-09.64: Here's some more stuff from Don Miller, and some more ships in the federation, Klingon and Romulans' section. Also, check out my youtube at meteosurreal, One of Penn and teller's attacks on the 2012 Armageddon will be brought up there in the next few days.

Armageddon-09.6: Here's some new material, some ships from other races', and a bunch of Don Miller's old programs and play aids in the Downloads section, so, go check em' out.

Armageddon-09.43: I've been neglectful of the page, due, (in part), to my being drunk/stoned last night, and meeting another bunch of bitter 2012 cultists, meeting an Angel, telling me of the dramatic developments of my being and how it is time to go, and I've fought through some harlequin/Medieval Special Interest Group, working with the 2012 cultists, and reminded of the terrible Hellshit of Dr. Jaycen Rand. After I went back, I watched the Vincent Price movie, "The Bat", and "Dude, Where's my Car?" and both were awesome, also, I'll probably do Video reviews of them up on Youtube, at some point in the near future. And, I've got some FASA and ICON Templates, and some World Oligarchy stuff in the Downloads Section, and (like many times), I plan well in advance, and this will include adding more to the links page.

Armageddon-09: The Federation and Klingon Sections are now up, with some Federation Ships, and the bulk of my Klingon Stats up. More to come, soon.

Armageddon-09.02: There are now several more modules in the Construction Section. Romulan and Elasi Ships Coming Soon. Also, I'll probably be putting up some other features, soon.

Armageddon-09.021: The Links page Is now up, with two links.

Armageddon-09.0225: The Romulans Page and Elasi Page are now up.

Armageddon-09.23: New Star Trek Registry and Downloads Sections are now up.

Q: What's this thing I'm looking at?

It's my Battlesuit. - I designed the first version of it in early 2002', using some inspiration from Gen13, Original Design, and with no Helmet or Gloves, later adding more of a Tokusatsu-Oh My Goddess Battlesuit influence.

Q: What is this site about?

Stats for a few game systems, mostly one from the 80s', by FASA, for Star Trek, called the STCS (Starship Tactical Combat Simulator).

Q: What's Ani-Mayhem?

An old Card Game from the mid-to-late 90s', there were several fansites for it, but nearly all of them are gone; - I'll try to get you links to them in the future.

Q: What's "Rokuratei"?

...Rokuratei is Japanese. It referrs to a genius who is beyond anyone else, even other geniuses, it's as dizzying, and fresh as mountaintop air.

...I am one of these. How? When my Brain was damaged, and nearly destroyed (multiple times), I repaired it, with a combination of Logic, Comedy, and Neuroplastiticity (Google it - I discovered it, before I was even aware that others knew of it, and before I read something about it at the 2009 Puyallup Fair Attraction on the Brain by Weird Al Yankovic). I also note, and create/affect tens of thousands of thoughts/trippy dream experiences, which go by in unmistakably imaginative brain-created/solid, resonating presence kinds of seriously weird shit, throughout the passage of time.

I've occasionally done up some ships, with a total of at least 2,000, over the last five years. They are an example of my penchent for subtle, intricate detailling, like creative, bits of realisticly done setting and In-Jokes in Shows like Red Dwarf, and MST3k.

Speaking of MST3K, like it's producing staff, I collect the strangest loads of fart-hellfuck in non-cliched trivia and history, the more hilariously trippy/obscure/unlikely, the better!

...And I use freak coincidences/old memories/memorized, artificial, deliberate patterns, to create and improve myself/parts of my mind, I can also take and examine/process any intricate part of any of those previous complex sentences. Can you?

I've also met:

Red Green (we've occasionally interacted, in a friendly, casual way, and he, as well as the other lodge members, once nearly saved me from getting lobotomized by a bunch of cliche-spouting dipshits, and a little over a year later, I went to his stand-up comedy show in Tacoma, talked to him, built up a friendly chat, where he said he noticed my comments on his Youtube channel, RedGreenTV, and he autographed some of my stuff!) Also, I showed off how I could be weird in public, and wore my duct-tape repaired shoes to his show)

Maddox (He can gauge me well, I met him, and it, along with his getting along with me well, demonstrate a clear difference between Geniuses and Haters, and how you go about evaluating/ripping apart them. Go to his site - in the links section.)

My Other Rokuratei:

George Carlin, Adelston Holder, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein. I met them, interacted with them extensively, learned from them, got surprisingly, genuinely entertained by them far more than any fraud, and I still chat with Adelston Holder from time to time, and I wear an artifact of one of the other Rokuratei, - George Carlin, under my shirt! - a Backstage Pass, from One of his last Standup Tours in 2007.

So, all of this Scientifically proves that I'm a Genius, a Psychological Hellfuck Genius, at that, and you're being a hater to me, will make you more piddly that a silly, stuttering high-pitched voice with a giant penis, so don't bother; - it's not up to peeshitting Asshats like that to make my Genius to go away - Check out Maddox, or pretty much anyone else who ever gets hate mail, ever.

..Seriously, read Muskogee, Mark Twain, and Sean connery, that's all similarly Kick-ass, jus tnot much. and a Final thing, I'll go and occasionally add
10/31/2009: Here is the old Catwoman Page, from earlier 2nd Age, that I've visited, damn decent: Catfan

New Halloween Ship at Trek-rpg forum. Also, considering several different Alien Ships, will further those plans later.

10/30/2009: The Voltron Gamepage link; - to the old version,if you can find it on this page (...No More Hints), some of Aftermath
is preserved, some of it is history. Part Eight, with the ominous title, has the gang disguised in a Masquerade Ball, and Pidge
is having trouble finding everyone, Lance and Hunk have trouble, and mistake some other short guy for Pidge, they finally
find each other and escape, and they burn the masks, "Yeay, the Liberation!!!" -Direct Quote, and then Keith stares at Sven
and asks why he's wearing a Dress?!?

Lance: We were all trying to avoid that.
Hunk: Yeah, and it wasn't easy.

Keith passes out, and he wakes, with them bent over him, and he confronts Sven, and he says he hates it, It isn't fair, who asks
who out, he's just shy.

And some more random running around, and other visual gags are all you missed, keep this in mind when reading/reconstructing
the fic.

Kaimiro at formrobot.com, can be reached for more, I sent Pidge an e-mail; - it's in one of the webarchive.org preservations,
under "Meteor" (this was before I changed my name to Japanese Pronunciation)

Soon, a few more goodies will come to Editorials. Also, New Other Races has a Paravian, and soon, another Klingon up.

Daisuki, Kokoro no honoo ne Rat Bastards!!!

10/26/2009: New link in the transit; - more preserved stuff in Deviantart and 2shared, the guy who did the Benzite I statted up
is seriously an awesome guy with a cryptic species/uniform/ship design archive. He'll help you.

Work proceeded good, today. I'm now reenergized. Also, +1d10+1, or 1 Megasomething to my being. Why so simple, compared to everything
else on this page? Well, I'm a complex bastard who's dangerous to *term*, and you only need to know I've upgraded. I'm psyched,
New Episodes has Behind the Scenes, like old-style 1st Age Show and Comic chat, and new Doctor Who Stuff, Peter Capaldi is a
Masterpiece, and David's awesome too; - I told him so myself. And I *LOVE* CARPE DIEM-=ing the Moment!!!

Enjoy. Proceed carefully, use this to hint certain things to yourself, get rare goodies, often for free, and train yourself!!! If
I'm going to do good, and if I ought to, if I'm a fortunate guy, then go with it, and be selective; also, skip aronud the pagew,
and let it, and what's going on in your head react with each other.

There's no need to be more than a little nervous, Daniel Millman and a few rare others manage unusuall kick-ass Edutainment,
that should help you, and you can afford to waste your Life, and your Mind even less.

There, and when I lay things down, I do them carefully, long, sometimes real long planning, it works great. How FUCKING(?!?)
come Nintendo Does Good??? They do it.

Editorials, like with Mike Payne's page, works llike a grab bag, where I get to trap you, be a bastard, and do geurilla-*term*
things, <term being' = insert a term, perhaps carefully>. sp. even if you come here for piddly shit; - do NOT waste it; -
if I used a Fractions Time Travel wobbly quality-game by Panasonic, and some obscure DOS and Superhero games, then how the
hell do you have an excuse?!?

Forever Knight &
Scripts for TV Shows

Deal with it, more Mass-help, just don't eat what you don't want.

Yeesh, explore this stuff manually, since I even insure that, me and GEICO will move you through Delirium; - thr' nothing I won't
say? This page covers looking into the Past and Future; - "Secrets Told, New and Old"

Guilianna's obscure Animorphs page and Comics Creator show what I do in recording obscurity; - the latter I'll explain, it smegging
showed up on Shari Lewis; - another reason she's good for children, tho' she isn't (tho', I never believed the naysayers),
and the former, look for it, she makes great rants, and attacks Illogic; - you see how much you can stand turdstorm after

Don't attack me; - I'm a superior freak, and the last few haters I had, I slapped aside like they were nothing. Also, remember; -
KEEP working through the aforementioned, *term* is what this is like, a Sierra Adventure Game, where you spend a boring fucking
while doing stuff going through major events, maybe this stuff give you an ego, but hey, that and the Commander Keen gamed
& their Legacy, make em' extremely helpful, PBS and older Internet have no virused because few buggers' oddly, go there,
so use that as careful recommendation, work part of this out on your own.

So, that, and my contacting Mike Payne, had him joking about my sending him a lot of e-mails, and me and some others, both for
and against me, partially-awareness-reaction things with each other is good.

You move this in 1d20 terms of 1d20 things through 1d20 different directions, this sums up sphincter-tightening things, and NO
one said you had to like it; - I'm a jaded old man; - blame me for being a Reactionary Old Fart, and hey; - I Seize the
Moment. And I sometimes have a shitload to do. Forgive my summing up, and *term* is more necessary, so Shut up, and *Term*,
*Term* the *Term*. Yes, even this becomes a Mad Libs Game, even use that.

Do you want to start anything... Ominous? Then any of the above, and skipping and slectively peeing through the below is good,
and use your wits, the Yahoo Directory Archive has a Monty Python Card Game I lopoked at; - it's funny, and darringly Wee-Wee,

Pee-Pee, Wee-Wee.

(PPS: I Love it when a Plan comes together!!! Watch Sunday Morning, little penis-tube-Grubs!!!<HOWEVER BAD ANYTHING OF YOU

New Handyman Corner, and also,enter in "Sphere Ship", "Bastard Kitty", and three other similar topic or literary words, to achieve search
reesults much deeper mining into the core of something free of the frigheningly surprised multi-level cyclones of BS Social Movements,

Also, in addition to that Poet's Nightmare of Advice, Billy Mays, George W, and Chris Crocker are all the Turd-Nuke Isotope Hybrids that won't
become dated.

This site is Brain Surgery that can't be undone.

New Advanced ship in New Federation. Trek RPG Forums will have over a dozen new ships, by the end of the month.


This site is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, much like me, apply this to STCCG Card of the Day, three-sixs
other cryptic riddles/quotes/keywords, searching for them, or some glib quoted fuck, clear of BS,
in some perverse paradox, that's the process, and what you'll find, follow either, the stupid have
Magical ADD begging-to-be-picked-on transparency, less fun the the other transperency linguistic things.

Yeah, study any of this, the aforementioned stupid will leave, this is another hopeless,
joke-running-into-another-joke thing, and any progress in either of those things will help you,
sometimes just doodling, to goofily long disney individual movement sheets.

And reading, and movie clipping/quoting.

Think carefully and meld your brainstuff and something you stumble across, here or anywhere else,
and lead to a Mad Libs "...Hunh"

Confusingly multi-sided, like Hellraiser, summing it up, unless you wnat to run through that movie blind.

Here, James Dixon getting goofily crapped on (and someone saying something's a Cliche when it isn't; -
seemingly implying that the "Carrot" in it should be employed when that goes against the Cliche Claim,
which in turn is wrong... and encourages manipulation... Fuck that Barrel of Piss...)

Newsgroup Thread

Look, He doesn't like FASA, and I do, but I'm not going down on him, he's compiled 10000s of SCU
of data in his files; - a few of which I backed up on this site, so give him some slack; - I've
tussled with a retardedly cliched, politically correct asswipe named Chemahkuu, and I've seen
BS mindsets, and James at least as great stuff, he also, like Fatty Arbuckle, was unfortunate,
screwed over by Cops and Admins at various BBSes and by a few Online Services, and If I were
there, I'd stand by him.

If he's alive still, or if his spirit can get hold of this; - James, one of the Rokuratei
(Near God Mutant with a Superhuman Brain) is behind you.

You have done well.

(Ed Note: I treat Star Trek Continuity as following a big blob of happenings in one of the Universes,
Eta Universe, similar to, and different from, official and unofficial material, selectively using
eight episodes of the Animated Series, much of SFB and FASA, and the Live-Action Series, up to
Voyager, including Daedalus, the Pre-TOS Show, and The Final Dimension, the Psychotic Post-TNG
Show, resolving the degradation of the Roddenberry TNG Federation, having a war with Dangerously
deluded delirium and nihlism spreading advanced nomads, and the characters making some serious
mistakes, and having to recover, fight them off, restore the pieces into a new Federation,
and some of them dying and disappearing.)

New Rant in Editorials, good for some training on Bullshit, also, new in New Federation, and another
come up in New Other Races later tonight.

Also, scroll down enough, for some weird Flashback to many eras' Halloweens. I had fun, with my
trippy mindvisions/Tardis, and some interesting notes, there.

Go to albinjohnson.com, good generic ship and station data there, and some other stuff.

More in Wierd Projects and New Other Races.

See this?

This was one of the obscure crevasses of TNG before it became big, and one of those nerdy details you
just don't see much of anywhere, from Season 2, when some of the major changes were occurring,
notice that Pulaski is in the regular uniform, instead of the variant she wore in the episodes,
probably because of problems with the tightness of it.

And I didn't know this Annual was even around; - anyone know if this was like the Doctor Who Annuals?

Also, my favourite Actress, Juliet Cesario, can be seen as a Science Technician with a mildly
reddish hair pulled back in a small bun, in the background of S1 and S2 episodes, and her
Eta Universe version is Melinda Anderson, from Aboborton's Hometown of Rosario, North Carolina.

New Federation and New Other Races has, and will have more updates, and trek-rpg forums contain the
regular new content, with new deck plans, and I'm thinking of doing an AOFW Carrier soon.

Feel free to contact me for requests or data, I could use em', and when someone said he'd make
a miniature of the Meteo Fleet Cesario Class, I told her about it, and she was enthused.

...Yes, I occasionally contacted her, just like I tracked Mike Payne through Gigatons of Substance.

Considering the complexity and surrealism of some of these pages, you may find, you shouldn't be

I also went to Kakarot52, home of the K52 Gang, and some of Chandler Miles (the guy who made those
comics you can download here, and a few other places, 2shared and Deviantart), and psied up with
some inconvienient truthes.

I put up some UFG in New Federation, and several Alien Ships in New Other Races.

Also, Ani-Mayhem Card, in Subpage.

Whether or not Homestarrunner.com ever updates, they are still helpful, and lots of old stuff means
they don't need to update anyway.

Use the Links, what I and others have made and archived, to educate, entertain, and attack the
inferiors, never trust 2nd Ager Cliches, and never trust euphemisms.

Starbase parts can be searched for on 2shared; try multiple terms, with multiple ideas,
more are there, Bob Doughboy, Iflap, and others occasionally referred to in the dynasty make
starship pukeshitting hull artistic streamceremicstreak touch shit possible!!!

fancy sculpting imagery is in the above, you will deserve one beating if you understand some of this,
two beatings if you become what I and Winston take away.

Use, Train, and learn the term "Hard", you will be abused to reach the level of a 1st Grader!!!

the archivals, my gifts and links, you do this, and recognise the taint, the links including a few
hidden near the top of this one, is awesome brain-training, past/present/future glib shit, like
the wording here.

Also, learn to simply say "I Hate you." The Outer Limits!!! :-)

Here is a new website; = new plans, some Post-TNG, and Misc. will come up, I update frequently/randomly, so let this be a speculative
Also, use aforementioned weird hints and different video editing/sneaky-seeky tricks to find things on the page, move around, and make up
weird doodles and near-delirious cartoon lessons of your choice! Sweet Cuppin' Cakes!

10/27/2009: I have some new obscure help, from an obscure site Earthbound Timelords. It's anonymous help for your Genital Warts!!!

1d6 other dangerous fun things (any Direction) on this site, handle a blade so it only cuts you ONCE!!!

Rely on the older pages, they just don't have goofy shits in them, no viruses, thanks for playing (the true virus; - Blame me for Punking you.)

Skip around this page randomly, and read parts of it, selectively, and treat it with a "crapping on people" mentallity!

There's a Possum Lodge Record: Another usual Archive. Never think differently, and do all the Hard Work.

Here is more SFB Resources:

Gavin Joth's SFB

And the Design Consortium's Alaska Base Site:

Alaska FASA

New RIB Trek: TNG Parody, old thing which influenced the Artist Bros. The Lombards: I Love your stuff, and I work to archive you.
And be a confusing Asshole, which is where you influenced me.
Here is the MCA, some STCS Systems and Rules from the 18inchfly STCS Site.

Go to Darkpirategirl on Youtube, for Gaming Edutainment, occasional references to the Rokuratei are in there.

New Federation now has a new 2Xl Ship, a Border Outpost and some Klingona and a Gorn will be up.

The Lego thing you find here will have an abstract polyhedronal faceted guideline, mixed with your imagination and game system knowledge.

Some of the vagueness there, is referring to tech levels, designations for them, and what you intently notice.

I have a new TFD and some guys' Lego Thing I found from some abandoned Text Page Site, I condensed it, and liked it's poly-directional-subtle-vague
puzzle things, good for you to work hard, build, and to use it for some slope-multiplier generator for capabilities, often for gaming.

Diapers and Overhyped things are the Disease; - Neorses and other eccentric things are the cure.

Beware of what haunts you. And keep in eye on the increasingly annoying; - I found that out while on the run (Again)


Look what I now have, in addition to all these nalogies/measurements of Existence, Hidden Treasures, and my vast Game-Masturbation!!!

Pattie Anne has it, now in addition to my own, first one, with his actual ink! I will use it to display greatness, and smash the inferiors!!!

...Oh yeah, it's a CD version of one of those Tom Baker gives old stories and tells of how strangely old he is; - with weird boundaries and terms,
just add an interestingly comedic map, and you'll psi-mutate too!!!

Trek-Rpg.net Forums have regular heavy woodworking projects by me, and I keep nitpickingly screechingly put up new stuff there and here.

Also, I saw Seanbaby and his old Girlfriend in Bellingham, when I was with my Gramma, the Legendary Rae, and interacted quite well with Maddox,
yet More of what makes me oen of the Best beings in the Univserse!!! A Rokuratei (Mutated Super-Genius!!!), so Helldamn you Megatons of Godfuck
and Hellfuck of Censorship with my own varying yield of Material, and said new terms are useful for describing Clusterfucks-!!!

Also~... If you need something more PG-13 rated, there's always Feck, Spacker, and Spit, but *don't* spit on me!

Check this page out:
Don Miller and I are not the only ones to make routine SFB=FASA Conversions, and here, you can find more goodies.

Check out Crimsonpyrut, too. He linked to me.

Here is a link to the Companion Games Races and info, Torg's Forum has Mechad Systems, and I'll eventually get them to this site, along with some ships.

New Other Races will contain the bulk of new uploaded stats from now on, to prevent more 413 mishaps.

Eric's (Not My Erik) Page

Archaic Text Hidden Library, so You Avoid Getting Raped, or Caught by the Cops, two Beloved Evils!!!

blah-trek.com can be accessed by the web Archive, and has much from the 1st Age; in old Trek Parodies and occasional other things.

Visit Usenet too, I checked, Google Groups is almost the only way to see the really old stuff.

Yridian, and soon some Rutan and Comics Races will come up soon.


New stuff, Reviews, I'll churn out some of this stuff, with condensed scales, data-seeking, and sarcasm, to teach you more, in addition to the main
review things, also, more misc. gaming/archivals, remember, use your own data, with what you find here and elsewhere, to come up with megacompound
results, you should get helped, and as long as you haul some heavy stuff, and exercise yourself to the point of brain mutation, there shouldn't
be problems.

My being on Doctor Who, for Fire and Ice, in a few minor debut thingies of Aboborton "Bob" Pembrooke, and his outline in Editorials, will assist you.

Deal with the multi-edge Swords; - Truth, and Hustling in it and over 2d6+2 over things, makes that apparent; - plus preserving the past is a bitch,
I've had to spend my lifetime dealing with it.

Some more ship/system inter system conversion... dozens of things along any of those lines... might put some of them up, too.

I still take submissions and feedback, expect some risks and risky play, buckaroo.


hit web.archive.org, in order to see Other Races, because it's too big to load anymore. New Other Races Pages will gradually appear, all with weird
names (duh)

6/26/2009: There's a SFB-to-FASA Conversion of the Condor, in Romulans.

6/25/2009: There's a new Fancy-Titled thing in Editorials, to help you inflict damage on anyone, be it a Censurer on Youtube, some hate-mailer, or some
Creepy Godfucker.

There's also a new Transport Container, with some stuff in it, one of them being modified to be a Possum Lodge Workhorse.

Here, something alluded to, any important by any description (How complex do you want this?)

Evil Overlord List

This, it's 1st Age material more, use this to attack people. WE MUST *SAVE* THE UNIVERSE!!!

Checked out some new models, they're good. 3D Models, that, and you're searching long and hard, should be good.

Here's a link:
Space CAses
Good Series, and here's my helping you/Nostalgicly, sometimes I really do have to be that Discreet.

Also, there's some old Trek sites on Reocities and Oocities. With Maps, and this:

More Nostalgia

Use it, We shall separate shiftily, Bart did (Why do you think anyone makes this fuss over him?)

ANd whatever hole I hype, don't fall into it. Thank you.

10/19/2009: New Carrier; - new Updates are near the bottom; - like with most things that make you cry, WORK!!!

Also, go to Earthprime.com, to know what Sliders to avoid, the only good episodes are when John Rhys-Davies was alive.

"Who" wants anything after?

6/11/2917: Here's another Animorphs Link, with more Transit to Entertainment/Education to help you!!!

Rat Boy's Stew of Insanity

And here:

Chee Database

Also, this page is intended to READ carefuly, and work hard. The more you stumble, the more that'll make you a: at fault and/or b:
an Ashmatic.

And, more at my friend's Deviantart, Navalwarfare, we both toss around colourful, random shit, and I also once contributed
to Uncyclopedia, the Subjective Encyclopedia, especially the Batman and HowTo: Construct Federation Starships entries.

Also, do a random search for Mr. T. Smith and Uncyclopedia. Some things are just special and unique.

Number-Terms, in Editorials is now finished, Daedalus #12 will be finished soon, keep playing various games and terms,
to help yourself find something on this page, to continue to be the opposite of what I rail against (not that that's hard...)

Also, 2shared, and sfb=swa is a good place to find some things, just don't go to the Joy Peters file on there, for another
piece of unique twinking around, like my Gramma, and funnier if you cna imagine it in her voice, I can, light, mildly teasing,
and subtlely hinting.


Here: use it, and the web.archive backups; and AVOID Rangerboard, or Why would you want a Lobotomy?

Safe Word is "Artist Bros" 

7/19/2009: New thing in the Editorials Section; - it's the Possum Lodge Meeting, look for it; - more straighter than normal data by me is at the
top and bottom.

Look at it, and me and my bastard-y behavior, and what hurts/helps you in there, and relation to anything else here is explanatory to the explanatory.

Enjoy. And I milk the dubious pro/con greys of Hap Shaughnessy, a guy with outrageous stories. More explanation, probably why me, others or both
contribute to centuries of bloody messes.

New Other Races, Federation coming up, I take my time, again, *Any term, any direction* gets improved; - it works for Nintendo, it works for me.

Should be good. The Links are a Transit, Advanced, advantaged by not being Borg, a Bargain.

Selective reading and hearing will help you too. It makes me so hated. (Like reading below, either'll help with that)

Here is another site with Ships, made with Shipkit Graphics that you can photomaipulate.

Ships of the Fleet

New Hydran and Iridani Ships in New Other Races.

Also, tell me what you need, old thing I experimented with, Virtual Trick-or-Treat Generator, becauase there was no real need for a real
result, aside from something ridiculously complex and imaginary, and the several times I did that, it was fairly understandable, and I
had other things to do, so there was no need to pursue that even further.

Keep skipping around this place and reading selectively, the Generator is now in Editorials, And I have a few Ship Construction for various
game systems ideas, perhaps get the exact detail of the Ship Tech Levels etched in here.

I've been thinking of statting up more of the PHD Bureau Ships, including the Joke ones, so that'll likely come up, and an early 37th
Century ship will likely come up soon, sometimes certain concepts are explored with these Far Future ships, sometimes they're turned down,
sometimes they're given some symbolic stuff, sometimes they're connected to Member Races/Ships in a particular lineage.

Also, spent a few days travelling to Earth, the Moon Colonies, and a few planets, some of it looking at Halloween Celebrations.

7/19/2009: Here, and enjoy my new links, and vague hints, plus Daedalus 12;- I know I slack off sometimes, so keep tuning in, it's finely honed, and me
and Scotty'll keep turning in the goods, even if we end up becoming fat-asses.

Another Link; - Free Gift!

I work on all sides, and multi-dimensional; so explains some of the more complex/cryptic stuff, YOU try and make it Simpler, or explain the unwanted

New Travel Pod; - I'm a fucking nerd, any of this, and just;... read again.
Here is someone with the Love of W, who believes in taking away freedoms, for the love of freedom:

Trektrak and 2d6 of other wierd sites following a theme are good, along with my transit, and pages not afflicted with goofy stigmas


Also, Yahoo Directory, in the Links section, has tens of thousands of old Internet Links; - thousands of Ice Cream Sandwiches of Edutainment, to help you,
And working/searching to the point of Abuse, is a teaching of this site.

Wierd names sometimes help too.

I also *Insert Term* set up things on complex triangle structure event thingies, on all sides, good anad bad, sorry, general explanation and this
complexity... Is it good to be uninformed, and risk getting hurt, or a predictable 2nd-ager Fagger up a Pukefuck Twizzler...

Candy Twizzler and Interesting Metal Geek Twizzler, as the crypticly comedic riddles to end this.

Fighting me is fighting the world.


Robin Williams!!! You are not allowed to think anything other than what Robin Williams want, and/or anything he's in, or you'll
just become what he abuses with his Comedy, and if you're wondering why I buried this way down on the Page, there'sa reason,
Me, he, Shady-Comedic, Well, your bad Reaction, any of this is the thick of it, and it teaches Cancer, including the umpteen
metaphors, and suddenly you getting in trouble by any psyco wife, without learning to be a Bastard, or Weaselly, which is what
this page, and Docters who understand "Fine Print" and/or have a Sense of Humor are all about.

Watch Ms. Doubtfire, it'll show how true Beauty/Your Ugly, works.

MY Tribute was *Much* better look for it on trek-rpg.net forums, or this page under "Federation".

To Zelda, Yours is under the Eta Universe Registry Listing.

Also, more Klingon, Romulan, other Races, and Elasi are now up. keep checking those sections, and scroll down, the "Asteroid" to BS in Editorials,
by the way, referrs to the futility of Censorship, as well as Guilianna's struggle with it on the NickTV Forums, in Links, you can go to her old
Animorphs Rant Site, which I used to visit back in the 1st Age, and early 2nd Age.

Below, is an example of how W, Bush and his sheep fort art the TRUE Sinners!

New ships are now up in Romulan, Other, and look at crimsonpirate and peracles-rpg for more Game Data, My links are your mix of unpredictability
and confidentiality.

(2/3/2002)  Would you just fucking pull the trigger already? I'm so sick of all these little candy land reporters

George W. Bush, Atheists, and Draw Mohammed Day, make you irrational Hellfucks end up being
dumber than a rotweiler's drool-covered testicle, loke Chris Crocker, Chris Bores, &
Chris Chiaper (The 3 Chrisses of Holy Shit!) and missionaries jumping directly
into the smelliest toilets on the planet, and then whining about the smell of shit. The government shouldn't be doing a thing to help this stupid douche. I take a very Darwinian attitude when it comes to entering environments where one doesn't belong. I don't blame sharks that attack people who swim in the ocean. I don't blame bears that attack people who walk in the woods. I didn't get upset when the sand people attacked Luke Skywalker, and I don't blame these sand people for kidnapping this dumb twat. They can keep him. The best part of this whole situation is that his scuzzy mud puddle wife is 6 months pregnant. I hope they send this guy's severed head directly to her house so the baby can kiss daddy good-bye.

I went to see how the sick-ass survey was doing, and it seems that it got deleted. That's a shame because it had over 1,400 replies, and had been around for over a year. I'm not sure if it was TOS related or not, but it's just gone. I'll put up a new one sometime and see what happens.

(1/27/2002)  Everyone who likes violence should put Black Hawk Down on their list of movies to see. It's about 2 and a half hours long, and the last 2 hours is nothing but shooting, explosions, death, blood, screaming, and destruction. It wastes very little time with character development, and there is no romantic subplot. It's like Saving Private Ryan without the boring 12 hour middle. The real life conflict that the film is based on boasted death tolls of 19 dead Americans and over 1,000 dead Somalians, and it seems like they showed all 1,019 of them in graphic detail. Ridley Scott has raised the bar on what a great combat film can be. Racists will find this movie to be especially enjoyable, because the brown body count exceeds even flicks like Glory. I fin da get shot!

(1/16/2002)  Sometimes it's so easy, I'm ashamed of myself. I don't often reply to guestbook entries, but the one I got yesterday is just so god damned generic, pathetic, and funny that I feel the need to share it with everyone. I'll just dissect it line by line:

Name: Disgusted Citizen
City: Buffalo
Country: The land you are a traitor to

We have come across this site...

Who's we? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? Citizen is singular, you fucking butt crust.

...and I must say I am sickened by it.

That's kinda the point, fuckwad. What kind of reaction did you expect to have to a website called SICKOPATH'S SICK-ASS SITE? At least you can't accuse me of false advertising. If a bottle were clearly labeled "POISON", you sound like the kind of ass bag who'd drink it anyway, and then bitch about dying.

Most of the rantings on your site are just funny.

Actually, they're hilarious, but I'm a bit biased.

I suppose losers like you get their fun from pretending to be some demon who is so evil.

Nope, I get my fun from drugs, masturbation, video games, and watching the human race fuck itself over because of it's own innate stupidity. Oh yeah, insulting vapid twats such as yourself is also fun.

But making fun of the terrorist attacks? I am disgusted by your pathetic cowardice in face of such an event. I would love it if you were put face to face with families of the victims or colleagues of the brave firefighters, and tell them that you would "love to buy a drink for the guy who did this", you'd crack up, because you are just a pathetic, miserable coward who is downtrodden in life and so exploits the misery of others.

Oh here we go. The sacred cow is revealed. MOOOOOOOO! I can make fun of whatever I damn well please, and it does SO please me. Cowardice is not even an applicable term to describe the act of expressing ones point of view. Do you even have a dictionary? You are correct about my reaction to the victims, however. I would crack up... with laughter! Seriously, what do I care for their loss? Sure, they could all displace their anger over their loss in my direction, but in the end they'd still be victims, and I'd still not care. I find random acts of destruction to be exciting and stimulating, and that offer of a drink still stands. What good is the misery of others if you can't exploit it?

In any other country you would be taken out and shot or imprisoned.

That's why I live in this one.

It is only in America with liberal pansies controlling the government that people like you can exist. You'll probably type up some rubbish about your right to freedom of speech, while missing the point of this great constitution. I'm sure Thomas Paine would be turning in his grave if he realized what the freedom of speech he had preached was used for today.

If the liberals were such pansies, then how did they come to control the government? The point of this "great constitution" was to give rich, white males the legal right to make as much money as they could at the expense of everyone else. All the other rights they threw in were just to keep the poor, white males from overthrowing their little "republic". Unfortunately for thought police like yourself, freedom of speech was one of the rights they gave us. Thomas Paine would have a hard-on for my site, for any system that would support my right to say the things I say would surely also support his right to spew his drivel.

I have phoned the police and the F.B.I. and have also hired a lawyer.

Who dialed the phone for you? I hate to burst your bubble, but people report my site to the police and FBI all the time. Both agencies have far better things to worry about than some text on a screen. You see, when they're not eating donuts, they are actually running around trying to catch real criminals doing real crimes. Just because you're an emotional pussy who can't deal with dissenting opinions doesn't mean that your narrow views are the laws of this land. How ironic that the document you claim is so great is the very same document that grants me my right to express the things that vex you so. You'd actually go so far as to deny me these rights, going against the document you claim is great. Talk about cowardice...

He has told me that your can be tried for 3 offenses...

One can be tried for anything, but being convicted is another story.

1) graphically describing child pornography in graphic detail...

As opposed to ungraphically describing it in graphic detail? What are you talking about? Anyway, where's all this child porn at? I'd love to read it, but it's nowhere on my site.

2) conspiring to cause an act of terror (yes this is your competition)

Again, you really need to get a dictionary. I don't conspire to do anything, I laugh at shit that's already been done. I don't compete with anyone. The joy is in the game, and I win just by playing.

3) distributing harmful material to minors by not using adult check (tm).

Nothing on my site is harmful, even though you may view free expression as harmful to your pathetic sense of reality. It's not my job to keep kids off my site. That's what their fucking parents are for. Plus, what about Net Nanny or Cyber Sitter? Why only plug one cyber-censor? You got stock in adult check or something?

If these charges are not carried out, we will be suing you and your provider for the offense you have caused to the families of the victims of the WTC attack, we are currently searching for these relatives to testify against you. See you in court scum.

Oh yeah, flying a plane into a building and killing their relatives pales in comparison to writing some text on a screen. My ultra-uber-mega-super-duper-satanic website will go down in history as eclipsing the deeds of Hitler, Stalin, and Osama combined. All the pain in the world is directly caused by this website, and your brave crusade against my evil will be looked upon with reverence by future generations of honest, god fearing Americans. You are a true hero.

You really got the balls to sue me? Give it your best shot, cumstain. Bring all the WTC victims you want. They're all gonna be sporting big fat checks from the relief funds, and I'll counter sue the fuck out of all of you pussies. It's not against the law to offend someone, but it is against the law to harass someone with bogus litigation because you don't like what they have to say. With the millions I make, I'll be able to quit my job and devote my full attention to ridiculing retarded rectums such as yourself.

Now what bitch?

So, DID THIS ASSHOLE succeed... did he mean anything in the real world? And if you haven't heard anything of him, has he merely disappeared

into the cracks of time?!? Also, why not harrass and condemn anyone, who doth believe in the will of W. Almighty?!?

More importantly, why forget his retardation, and those who support George W. Bush, and his Beliefs? Punish them, and their tyrannical freedomless

"Freedom", Freedom Fries, my ass... This is timeless, and I attack the Inferiors, and archive the brilliant...

W. IS the Avatar... of Inferiority, (although he can't even spell that...)

*I* Killed Osama Bin Laden, and W. must be Blamed for *All*, American Politics be damned... It has all become the same bifurcated pissload of bullfuck.

Fuck you, Double-U!!! I also coined the term "Elijah Wood's Evil Twin", a term used to describe Brannon Braga, a tired hack, around the time of VGR.

some editorial stuff to this page, commenting on Crap, and saying Amazed, Orgasmic-smegpiss about some Good Stuff.