LTI Opportunities

The companies and organizations listed in the spreadsheet below have been previously contacted by someone at MetEast. You can sort the contacts by location, interest area, or ranking by clicking on the drop down menu under each respective category. If you do not find a company that you are interested in, then lets all work together to find the right fit!! Talk to your Advisor and LTI Coordinator for ideas.

To place a call request, use the LTI Call request Form at the bottom of this page. You will receive a response to your request within 24 hours. You can only submit two requests at a time to give everyone a chance to request opportunities!

LTI Site Ranking System

LTI - Site is open to interviews, shadow days, and an internship
SD - Site is open to interviews and shadow days
I - Site is open to interviews
SL - Site is open to Service Learning Opportunities

MetEast Open LTI Opportunities

LTI Call Request Form