The Grade 6 Buzz

-السلام عليكم

"Never let your schooling interfere with your education"
Mark Twain
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1. All homework  on line  must be done under parental supervision
2. Students please go to the science Fair Page for Science Fair ideas
3. All assignments given DO NOT need to be done  in partnership at students' homes
Spring mix is coming up

Remember good learning is never wasted!

1. Grade 6  Thanks Parents and students for making our bake sale a success JZK
2. Science Fair prep starting soon
3. Speech Competition Pacing Dates 2017


Choose topic:                            Mon., Oct. 30

Outline due:                              Wed., Nov. 1

Rough draft:                             Wed., Nov. 8

Final copy:                               Wed., Nov. 15

In-class selection week:           Mon., Nov. 20

School-wide contest:               Mon., Dec. 4