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Comfort Centre

The Metchosin Community House is available during non-emergency situations to host individuals and families who are temporarily in need of a warm and welcoming place.

In emergency situations, the Metchosin Emergency Program will coordinate help for individuals, families or larger groups that need assistance.  That may include the opening of a large reception centre located at St. Mary’s Church and/or finding alternative accommodation for families who have been forced from their homes due to the emergency.  Contact the Metchosin Emergency Program by calling 911 in the case of a life-threatening situation or 250-478-1307 for less urgent situations.

For non-emergency situations, the Community House is equipped with a backup generator, a natural gas fireplace and furnace for heat, a handicapped washroom, a shower stall and a kitchen with a gas stove.  There are phones and computer internet access. 

During events such as snow or wind storms, electrical outages, or other non-emergency situations where you may not be able to comfortably stay in your own home, the Community House can provide a temporary place to wait or to take a break until you return home.

Volunteers will make every effort to open the Community House during severe weather events.  Please call 250-478-5155 or drop by 4430 Happy Valley Road.  If you think you might need to stay overnight, please bring along your own bedding and other essentials and food that you may need.