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January 14 - January 20, 2019

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For the week of January 14 – January 20, 2019       


                                                 *** UP AND COMING SPECIAL EVENTS ***



FILM NIGHT – 7pm – January 25, 2019. iPorter, and Loved-By-All Apa Sherpa, (two films each 23 minutes). Two documentaries that are windows with a view of Nepalese Himalayas.                   iPorter Filmed in hi-def, wide angles, drone pan-in pan-out shots, some great tricky photography.

The film maker, a silly Brit secures his dream job, to be a porter and carry gear with his Nepalese mentors to the Everest Base camp for the wages a porter gets. He is belittled by the weight as you can imagine. It’s an amazing opportunity for him to get inside a porter’s routine and character. And oh ya, their food.


Loved-By-All is our central character’s real name, changed when he was saved in an avalanche. Our 12-year-old Nepalese boy struggles with his lifestyle, hunger, long walks to school, an unknown future -all work and no play. Education keeps him from being like his dad, a porter.

First snow speckles the crisp mountain air, miniature mirrors dancing about reflecting the light blanketing the village barley fields like primer on a painter’s canvas, while Loved-By-All watches from the stone shelter door, his mother bent in half, long red robes, collects yak dung by hand, tossing the turds into the wicker basket fixed to her back by a forehead strap.


UVic's Diabetes Self-Management Program* Saturday’s from January 26 – March 2, 9:30am – 12pm. This is a free six-session workshop administered through the University of Victoria's Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health.

The course will be offered in partnership with Metchosin Seniors' Resource Centre, and will take place weekly at the METCHOSIN COMMUNITY HOUSE, beginning Jan. 26, 2019 - Those who deal with type 2 diabetes, on a daily basis, will learn how to better manage symptoms and activities, and will benefit individuals of all ages, including family members and caregivers. 

Each participant will receive the “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions” companion book. The program runs for 6-weeks and participants should plan to attend all sessions for maximum benefit. 

For more info -->
*Registration for this free course is required. Please click to 
Register --> - OR Register by phone Toll-Free 1-866-902-3767


Precious Water: a public information meeting. Tuesday January 29, 2019 from 1:00-3:00pm.

Are you a Metchosin resident who relies on a groundwater well for your domestic water supply?  Are you ever concerned about water quantity or quality of your well?

Have you noticed changes to the creeks, lakes, or wetlands, in your neighbourhood?  Urban growth and development, climate change factors, and increasing demand all have an effect on the health of our region's water resources.

Two guests have been invited to address queries and to explain some of the science and legislation with regard to aquifers and groundwater. Mr.Daryl Slater is the Water Authorization Section Head with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development. Mr Ben Robinson is a Senior Authorizations Officer/Groundwater Protection Officer.

Please bring any questions, concerns, or observations that you may have.


                                *** THIS WEEKS REGULAR EVENTS AND EVENT DATES***



Pearson College Students Outreach – 3:00–4:30 pm. Helping seniors and youth in our community. Invite Pearson College students to visit or help with a project. Particularly aimed at Metchosin seniors; call 250-474-0634 and leave a message so we can determine if you are eligible.



Art Group Gathering – Every Tuesday from 9:30am – 12pm. Come and join this creative group of individuals and let your artistic side show. All are welcome.  For more info call Arlene at 250-391-7905.



Creative Rug Hooking – Thursday, January 17, 10:30am – 1:30pm. "CREATIVE RUG HOOKING - First and third Thursdays, monthly, 10:30am - 1:30pm, led by Sheila Stewart, certified Instructor of Traditional Rug Hooking. Beginners are welcome, but should contact Sheila (250-595-6406, email: ) to discuss needed supplies.  Experienced rug hookers are invited to bring their own projects. Bring a bag lunch, tea and coffee available. No fees but donation jar available to cover refreshment costs."


GUEST SPEAKER SERIES – 7pm - January 17, 2019. Europe Walking Destinations with Four Teams.

Jennifer and Bob Burgis: Northern Italy

If you’re ready to pack light and travel by the superb train system in Northern Italy, they have some great places to recommend and highlights that shouldn't be missed.  Le Lange is a UNESCO heritage site comparable to Tuscany and, lucky for the traveler, not as heavily visited. October is a great month to travel to Northern Italy.


Mark and Kathy Atherton: The Camino de Santiago

After covering eight hundred kilometers in 37 days, walking from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago, Spain, Mark and Kathy will share their stories from the historic Camino de Santiago.  Also known as the Way of St. James, they followed the same path pilgrims have been walking from the Middle Ages to the present to reach the resting place of the Apostle St. James. From carrying their packs, staying in hostels, to eating ‘pilgrim meals’, they will offer a sense of the life of a modern-day pilgrim.


Norm and Mary Gidney: Britain, Southwest Coast Path, South Downs Way, Hadrian’s Wall. Coastline in the west, hilltops in the south, and a 1,900-year-old Roman ruin in the north are several of the walks Mary and Norman Gidney have taken in Britain. There are trails (or footpaths as the Brits call them) everywhere across the country and access is easy. A Canadian wouldn’t describe them as wilderness walks, but the views are still stunning, and you get pubs along the way and a comfy bed and breakfast at day’s end. Southwest Coast Path, South Downs Way, Hadrian’s Wall.


Nitya Harris and Nicole Lalonde: Robert Louis Stevenson Trail (The Cevennes, France)

When Robert Louis Stevenson walked with his donkey through the Cévenol valleys in 1878, he ignited a curiosity that has since become a national treasure, and Cevennes’ most famous trail. A self-guided classic inn-to-inn walk through sub-alpine terrain, over volcanic plateaus and down to the Mediterranean flora, where you will experience unspoiled France. Each day is a delight. After a typical French breakfast of croissants and coffee, you drop your bags at the front desk and head out onto the well-marked trail. Enjoy a packed-lunch with a famous view: baguette, cheeses and cheeses, charcuteries or meat cuts, fruit, vegetables, juice, yogurt. Arrive at the next village where your bags are waiting at your hotel, eat, drink, and fall asleep in your wine glass. Never once pulling out your wallet because it’s all included. Come listen to Nicole and Nitya as they recount their unforgettable 252km journey.



Parents and Tots – Friday, 9:30am – 11:30am. The Parents and Tots program was created by Metchosin Community Association to help parents, caregivers and children avoid the isolation that sometimes comes with living in a rural environment like Metchosin. Children from newborn to six years of age are received in a family environment that allows them to feel happy and secure.  It provides an ideal time each week when children can gather to have fun and learn. During the two hours everyone socializes. Parents and caregivers gather to share aspects of their daily lives, while children have fun playing with a variety of materials. A worthwhile time for all!

The program has three parts: one is "The Musical Experience" with a music teacher, who introduces the children to the wonderful world of music. The second part is “The Snack" in which children share fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods. The third part is dedicated to "Toys and Other Activities" where children play and express their creativity and imagination, sharing ideas and toys. This is an ideal time to acquire more patience and respect for others.
If the weather allows, the children can enjoy the little playground and outdoor toys.

Foodsafe snacks are available for all participants and coffee and tea are provided for the parents.

We look forward to seeing you and your little ones. 


PEARSON STUDENT ACTIVITY – 3pm – 4:30pm. Will return January 25.


Metchosin Uke Jam Session – January 18, 5:00pm - 6:30pm - Metchosin Community House – Free - Metchosin Uke Jammers - Tell all your Ukulele playing students, friends & relatives! Spread the word! Open to community members of all ages and levels of talent! Bring: a ukulele, tuner, music stand, and a few songs if you are willing to share/ lead/ teach others with appropriate song sheets for others, if not from songbook below. When: 5-6:30. Suggested songbook: Jumping’ Jim’s Daily Ukulele (as a base resource to work from) if you have it… (Available through and Tom Lees among others.)There is a Metchosin Uke Jammers Google Drive folder for our group, with song sheets of many of our songs up there. If you can, check out and download songs in advance from:




This memo is a heads-up for all community-minded folks who the MCA would love to include as new members.  Consider joining. Be active in our community. For more information please call 478-5155. All memberships run July 31 – July 31.


The Metchosin Community House has a drop box at the House for any food donations of non-perishable items for the food bank. Please bring and drop off your donations to the House Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm.


Art on the Walls – January- Doug Gilbert in collaboration with the Metchosin School Museum Society has compiled and organized a show of 18 historic photographs of Metchosin dating back to the early 1900’s. They are hanging on the Community House walls for all to come and enjoy. Viewing times are Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–1:00 pm. The Art on the Walls program offers the House as a wonderful venue for artists to show and display their works. For more information, please call the MCH at 250-478-5155.


The Art On The Walls program offers the House as a wonderful venue for artists to show and display their works. For more information please call the MCH at 250-478-5155. The community house likes to support the local artists by displaying artwork on the walls while the house is being used for community programs. Your art will be seen by very diverse groups of people throughout the month while the house is open. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and many programs are held in the afternoon. Many private and public functions occur on the weekends as well.  This allows for good exposure for your art but please remember that the venue is a community house and not an art gallery. We keep the commission and fees low for this reason. Don’t expect too many sales.

You can hang your show for up to a month and there is no charge for renting the space but the community house takes a 15% commission from any sales. This is payable at the end of the show, during the take down.

The house is well designed for presenting your art work. The lighting is good and there is a picture rail for hanging your art.

Artwork must be properly framed and wired, ready for hanging or it will not be accepted.

There is space for up to 45 small pictures/ 22 medium / or 12 large.

Artist’s Reception. You are welcome to have an Artist’s Reception which can be booked through the office Mon –Thursday 9a.m. to 1p.m. at 250-478-5155.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Metchosin Community House has many fun events throughout the year that always rely on the volunteer support of our members, to which we are very grateful. We always place a callout for volunteers at times of our largest fundraisers, but there are always other ways to become involved throughout the year that gives people the chance to be active and have fun in this wonderful community and creates the opportunity to meet some new friends as well. If you would like to become more involved in your community and lend a hand give us a call, we’d love to hear from you. 478-5155.



If you haven’t already take a look at our updated website by going to  and check out our online calendar of events. You might find it handy for booking your next event at the House. To book the House or for more info please call 250-478-5155.



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