DIY Infographics


Presentation slides on Slideshare

Tools to Create Infographics

For ease of use, PowerPoint or Google Presentations - especially if there are internet issues!

Microsoft Online Images - Hint: For Google Docs, remember to use the Ctrl key plus "C" to copy and Ctrl key plus "V" to paste into Google documents and presentations.

How to Creat Infographics in Power Point

Piktochart Video Tutorials

Lesson A: Creating Infographics with School Data

Group Discussion:

  1. What facts and statistics can be reported in an infographic format?
  2. Do you have a purpose for the report? 
  3. Who will be your audience?
  4. How will you cite your facts? By source or documentation?

See Linda's Blog!

Remember Data can come from your library circulation  or student management systems.

Lesson B:  Creating Infographics with Students



Northwest High School - World History - Infographic Projects  includes lesson plan and examples of student infographic designs.

Check the following lesson plans for ideas for student handouts. Find one that suits your project!


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