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Bluetooth Compatibility

Not all devices have bluetooth stacks that work well with the MetaWatch devices.  This list should help track compatibility.

On October 4, 2011, Bill Geiser from MetaWatch said:
We are encountering Bluetooth connectivity issues with a number of phones. A description of the problem and a brief description of what we are doing to fix the problem is listed below:

Meta Watch pairs easily and performs to specification (stays connected, is responsive, and runs 4-5 days between recharging) with some Android phones, but not all.

Issues that arise when Meta Watch is paired these certain phones include: inability to pair; garbled messages on display; < 1 day battery life; hung up or crashed watch; increasingly slow performance.
Android phones with the stock BlueZ Bluetooth stack (Nexus One, Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) appear to work fine.

Incompatible phones include virtually all HTC phones with the Sense UI, along with phones from Samsung (ie Samsung Galaxy S and SII), LG, Motorola, and others. And, we've see similar problems when Meta Watch is paired with a MAC.
We are aware that other Bluetooth / SPP connected devices are exhibiting the same issues including keyboards, barcode readers, mice, heart rate monitors, GPS loggers and other SPP device all have the same problems we do. But, that doesn't let us off the hook. We should be more resilient even if the phones we attach to behave a bit differently.

At this point we still haven't found the root cause, but we have a few hypothesis that our development team, our radio supplier, and our Bluetooth stack supplier are chasing down.
I'm confident we'll get this resolved soon. In the meantime any feedback you (or others listening) can provide would be much appreciated. Perhaps the most important thing we need at this point is a solid list of phones that Meta Watch won't work with.
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DeviceWorks?NotesReference Link
HTC/Google Nexus One   Nexus One 
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)  Off the shelf devices don't work, but Kai Aras has made it work with jailbroken devices  
Mac OSX  works but suffers from the "sniff mode issue" which causing long delays between message delivery  see Issues section 
Samsung/Google Nexus S   Nexus S 
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