Current Red Baron 3D META Server settings for MPLAYER.INI file:

These are current as of June 8,

[MetaServers] ; Rens   <-------- Back up and ready to go!
Server=TCP: ; Swordfish  <--- Off and On but, more on than off.

If all META servers are ever down, try this:
Make sure you make the list look like this to use [KnownServers]
//   ;Rens 
TCP: ; Swordfish

Server=UDP:  // AV Get The Baron
Server=UDP:  // AV Get The Baron2
Server=UDP:  // AV Theme Battle

Server=UDP:; LE Old Time AFM Server
Server=UDP:; CSq_Swordfish
Server=UDP: ;General de Deville's Public Hell
Server=UDP: ; General de Deville's Hell
Server=UDP: ;KK Training Field

This will block the META servers and the game will read the
[KnownServers] only until you remove the // to check the normal META server list.

If you want one listed here, email me.

                                                                                                                                                Sopwith Snipe