Current Red Baron 3D META Server settings. RB3D

Current Red Baron 3D META Server settings for MPLAYER.INI file:

These are current as of May 15, 2022

[MetaServers] ; Rens <---Rockin' the world for many years!

Server=TCP: : <-- Only on if all are down will this be on.


At this time there is only 1 known server that is on all the time that I know of..

[KnownServers] <--- Put it under this list!

Server=UDP: // AV's Blast The Baron



If all META servers are ever down, try this:


Make sure you make the list looks like this to use [KnownServers]



// ;Rens

//Server=TCP: ; Swordfish


Server=UDP: // AV Get The Baron

Server=UDP: // AV Theme Battle


This will block the META servers and the game will read the [KnownServers]

[KnownServers] only show when you put // in front of the normal META server list.

If you want one listed here, email me.