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how to say something about the (sciences) so they can more easily inter-operate


(meta-scientific sofware tools)

Knowledge-Based consulting (mainly) for scientist.

as making tools to do (scientific) research should benefit most (other) decision problems/(disciplines).

I'd like to stay in the realm of the most generally applicable tools. Starting at this level should both help the initial project be able to more easily grow both within it's area of interest and later to even be able to grow to inter-work with other disciplines even more easily.

I'm a big believer in open-source, and think that all (publicly) funded research should make it's (new publicly funded work) publicly available. I also believe that this allows for greater extensibility and inter-working with other tools and projects. So I will try to bring together the best in open-source to further the above goals.
Contact me for a quote on a bespoke_devised_artefix relating to your problem. Even though a bespoke soln, not labor intensive; As I like small compute-algorithms that are driven on masses of data. So it ends up tailoring itself to your needs, long after I am gone.
I'll find the tools, set them up, do the initial Ontological engineering making sure your logic-engine is set up for your problem, and can easily be edited/extended. So I prefer the prototype/80-20 solution that can be extended by you the domain-expert(s).

=In short, I'd like to use Lisp(like/based)AI tools, to tackle science based problems.

Knowing that I'm doing some good, and really having a chance to really contribute, by using my talents, is my greatest motivation.

=I would be happy to turn this into a (nonprofit?) LLC, that focuses on sharing-understanding, in such a way that everyone learns a bit more.

I hope to move this from an underlying thread, to my main focus in any capacity that I can.

________ More on my background below:

Click for: Michael Bobak's Web Resume in: .pdf.doc.rtf.txt.

Education:MS Computational Science (sim/AI/etc)___________________.___

Work: Research_Programmer/Knowledge Engineer. ___________._________._.__

________ Contact:bobak(at)computer.orgmikebobak(at)users.sourceforge.net (415) 621 - 1967(old) *

I'm in the bay-area now, but no longer at that number; Back in Chicago, but would move west.

INTEROPERATABILITY: The Unfulfilled Promise
Timeless quotation
"If modern computing was born with the first electronic computer, incompatibility was born with the second. Computing was conceived of as a better way to process information, and distributed computing was conceived of as a better way to share information. But the vision of distributed computing depends on the unspoken assumption that computers can operate efficiently together to share information.

Unfortunately, the assumption of interoperatability hasn't been supported by the realities of today's computing. Computing is still a world made up of many technicial directions, product implementations, and competing vendors. This diversity is causing growing problems as computers and networks proliferate. It is ironic that the real effect of computing is too often to prevent the sharing of data."

-- John W. Donovan, Senior Editor
State of the Art/Features, Byte Magazine, November 1991, page 185
Special Issue on Interoperatability.