Legends of Core

Welcome to the player's portal for MetaScape Game's Legends of Core (LoC) Rules & Setting.

Here you will find everything you need to game in this exciting medieval, fantasy game setting. 
Everything is driven from the:   Character Sheet <-- Click Here! Click Here! 

To intrigue you further here is some news/info:
  • 've put in a huge amount of time in the recent past on the RPG game.
  • The most complete set of rules since the release of the boxed set -- no really!
  • New On-Line character sheet - you can roll an entire 1st level character including gear, encumbrance, skills, armor, stats, weapons, feats, etc. etc. in 12 mintues - again, REALLY! Already had gamers test drive it and we timed it!
  • Automatic Leveling - nearly everything auto updates by simply changing your character's level including:
    • MR
    • Carry Capacity
    • Vit
    • Ability Slots
    • Meta boxes
    • Luck boxes
    • Die tables
  • Character Advancement - FAST and FUN - You'll want to do it!
    • Advancing your character, no longer a slow lookup or need to "ad-lib" abilities. It's all there as drop down options - 100s of skills COMPLETELY stated out!!! 
  • No copying and pasting!
    • All options/choices are native to the sheet. You will not need to write ANYTHING down or copy/paste from some other file! 
You will be amazed... I am, and I only amaze myself easily on a weekly basis! ☺

Done and fully stated out for 1st to 10th levels:
  • Races - including racial abilities
    • Dwarf
    • Elf
    • Human
    • Ogre
    • Troll
  • Classes
    • Archer
    • Druid
    • Mage
    • Priest
    • Rouge
    • Warrior
  • Deities - Yes, actual abilities done!
    • Aerolk like
    • Quantum Knight like
    • Shanask like
    • Time Lord like
    • Valkyrie like
    • Zodar like
  • Gear - entire complete list done!
    • About 120 items
  • Artifacts - Actually stated out and ready!
    • About 50 items
  • Weapons - fully stated out
    • About 50 medieval 
  • Armor - fully stated out
    • All dozen medieval styles as well as shields