Welcome to the official MetaScape game website! Metascape is a roleplaying game system.

Dive right in! Just select the setting which most intrigues you!

Super Science Setting

If you are into space exploration, alien artifacts and ancient sciences, traveling the galaxies, ancient races who who walk among the stars, then "Guild Space" may be your setting.
Medieval Setting

If you would rather wield mighty swords and arcane talents of old. If you like wizards, dungeons, and dragons, then perhaps you'd like to try the setting, "Legends of Core". 

GM's (Game Masters)
You'll need to click on the GMing menu above and familiarize yourself with the rules. Then select a setting, invite your players, and let the fun being!

Want More Pictures? 
We have hundreds of original pieces within the rules. Enjoy!

Old Versions
We have designed hundreds of RPG game variants. If you are interested in old designs, you can checkout some very old versions of MetaScape here:
  • Old Blog - Contains Links to Old Versions
  • Wikia - Other Old Versions

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