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This summer, MetaMovements created Move4Health, a six-week summer project that provides Cambridge teens with jobs where they have the opportunity to change and improve their community.  Move4Health promotes personal and community health in four key areas:

     1)  Physical Activity  ->  Salsa Dancing!

2)  Nutrition  ->  Drinking Water and Eating Healthy

3)  Environmentalism  ->  Recycling, Energy Conservation, Alternative Energy and Transportation

4)  Community Development  ->  Participating in Fun Cultural Events

These four areas of health promotion are of vital importance to one another, and Move4Health believes that all are necessary to make a difference!

Behind the scenes, the teens in this program learn how to conduct research, design lesson plans and cooperative games, develop marketing materials, engage people of all ages, manage an event, evaluate their work, and of course, learn salsa dancing.  At community events, the teens provide education for ALL ages through interactive presentations and games.  Move4Health will be at MetaMovements’ own Salsa In The Park every Monday night at the Blackstone Community Center, as well as at other youth programs and senior centers throughout the summer, including the SoWa South End Open Market on Sundays August 8th and 15th.


Move4Health is made possible through a grant from the City of Cambridge’s Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program (MSYEP).  We meet each week at the Cambridge Public Main Library, The Dance Complex, and the Regional Center for Healthier Communities to work on our project.  Come on out to see these teen’s presentations and activities at Salsa In The Park!