Advanced Laboratory for Metamaterials Research         :: ABOUT SSLS ::

 Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS), 5 Research link, Singapore 117603.


SSLS (Singapore Synchrotron Light Source) is a cutting-edge R & D Facility which has got a compact superconducting storage ring with 700 MeV electron energy and 4.5 T bending field to produce synchrotron radiation. The characteristic photon energy and wavelength are 1.47 keV and 0.845 nm, respectively. 

The Lithography for Micro- and NanoTechnology Beamline  (LiMiNT) facility at SSLS offers (deep) X-ray lithography to the scientific and commercial high-tech community in Singapore and the region. SSLS is providing all process steps for prototyping of micro- and nanodevices, starting from pattern design, over mask fabrication, lithography, electroforming to plastic moulding.  

Cleanroom of class 1000 at the LiMiNT Beamline in SSLS.

The Advanced Laboratory for Metamaterials Research uses LiMiNT to manufacture micro- and Nano Electromagnetic Metamaterials for the terahertz (THz) spectral region and Beyond.

Researchers at SSLS working on Metamaterials.