METALDOME, Volonakis Tsampikos & Co. is active in the field of industrial buildings and structures, commodity warehouses, residences , commercial buildings and steel structures in general.The company executives have years of experience and know-how in the technology of steel structures. Each member of our company has his own successful track record to display and contributes his expertise to the team for one and only purpose-the construction of buildings that live up to the expectations of our clients, covering both their expressed and implied needs. The key concern of the team is to provide reliable services for the lifespan of the project, backed of course by after-sale service, aesthetic design and compliance with Greek and European regulations.Indicatively, the persons comprising the legal entity are:



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Civil Engineer,1st MSc. Structural Design and Construction Management , Kingston University, 2nd MSc. Seismic engineering and anti-Seismic constructions. Specialised in metal structures, structural design of sophisticated metal  structures both in Greece and abroad.
Graduate of the Democritus University of Thrace Law School, with a postgraduate degree in Public Law and Political Sciences from the same University. A practicing lawyer for the past six years. She was elected also as one of the twelve representatives of the Dodecanese authority (twelve islands administration)



"Gennadi Dreams" Apartments

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